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The Craft

The ultimate resource for alcohol beverage news, trends and reports for bars, distributors and suppliers.


4 Creative Strategies to Increase eCommerce Traffic

So, you’ve got your products listed on your Storefront. You’ve got beautiful, high-resolution images...

4 Quick & Easy Ways To Increase Sales with Beverage Sell Sheets

More than likely you’re familiar with the concept of beverage sell sheets. Perhaps they’ve been give...

How Liquor and Beer Reps Can Use the Power of Data to Boost Sales

It’s common knowledge that data powers nearly every aspect of businesses today. And when it comes to...

5 Ways Craft Beer Can Help Boost Your Restaurant Sales

According to the Brewer’s Association, beer consumption per capita declined by 2 percent in 2019. Ye...

9 Ways to Market Seasonal Menu Changes at your Bar or Restaurant

There was a time when seasonal menu changes were a niche move that only worked for a handful of esta...

How Beverage Brands Maximize Their Social Media Presence

Now, more than ever, being on social media is necessary in order to be a successful beverage brand. ...

Boost Profits With These 3, Easy Restaurant Patio Ideas

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of vitamin D deficient patrons emerging from their coronavirus hibe...

5 Powerful Email Tactics For Liquor Sales Reps

No matter what your relationship is like with various clients, keeping them engaged with your distri...

4 Tech-y Tips for Building Better Account Relationships

While making quick sales is always a nice part of the job, any good beer or spirits rep could agree:...

Bar Promotion Ideas to Attract New Customers

Promotions are no small part of the restaurant game. While everyone would love for their businesses ...

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