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Get your beer, wine, and spirits brands in front of 200K+ bar, restaurant and retail buyers on the largest ecommerce marketplace for beverage alcohol.

Achieve Greater ROI with B2B Advertising 

Provi helps brands of all sizes, across all categories, reach trade buyers at point of purchase. 

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Drive Sales and New Distribution

  • Drive conversion with high-intent buyers using biddable search and display ad placements, powered by Carrot Ads
  • Keep your finger on the pulse with 24/7 biddable ad reporting, including 30-day sales by product line, units and sizes, cost-per-click and ROAS (return on ad spend)
  • Capture the attention of new and existing buyers and increase brand awareness with custom content opportunities to tell your brand’s story
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Make Your Brands Easy to Buy

  • Update product images and descriptions across all markets at once.
  • Easily add, swap or strike products from your portfolio at any time.
  • Preview exactly what’s presented to wholesale buyers as they explore your products.

What Provi Users Are Saying

  • I wanted to dial in with more of a B2B strategy of connecting with accounts and building brand awareness. This approach positions our brands in front of buyers connecting with minimal friction points in educating and ordering.”

    Winesellers, LTD, Chicago — VP Marketing


How does Provi benefit my brands?

Provi puts your brand and products in front of 1000's of retailers across the US. With millions of monthly product searches, Provi provides suppliers with the marketing solutions to reach the right retailer, in the right place, at the right time.

What insights are available on Provi?

  • Provi's marketplace informs you about your market share on a category & subcategory level across the US.
  • Provi's unique outcomes show a brands fluctuations in points of distribution of new, maintained and lost PODs, giving suppliers strategic insight on how to deploy their marketing efforts effectively.

Why use the Provi marketplace?

Provi’s B2B digital marketplace gives you the ability to market and sell your products to industry buyers anywhere, anytime. Provi is a uniquely-positioned marketplace that provides your products more visibility by allowing you to be competitive with all brands, not just the ones carried by your distributor.

Put Your Brand in Front of the Right Buyers

Showcase products on the marketplace, share your brand story and access B2B purchasing insights. All in one place.


Get expert advice, practical how-tos and marketplace insights from Provi.

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