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Get your brands in front of over 200K bar, restaurant and retail buyers on the largest ecommerce marketplace for beverage alcohol.

Where 200K+ Businesses Browse and Buy Online

Brands of all sizes use Provi to market their wines, beers and spirits.

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Make Your Brands Easy to Buy

  • Update product images and descriptions across all markets at once
  • Easily add, swap or strike products from your portfolio at any time
  • Preview exactly what’s presented to wholesale buyers as they explore your products

Drive Sales and New Distribution

  • Drive brand awareness and capture the attention of your buyers through a variety of display options
  • Tell your brands story and drive purchase intent with custom content opportunities
  • Drive conversion with high-intent buyers with biddable search and display placements
Benefit 3-1

Turn Insights Into Action

  • Access your order performance data via data and insights portal
  • Get a hyper local, heavily detailed look into retailer buying behavior
  • Access competitive portfolio insights for specific channels and markets within the U.S.

What Provi Users Are Saying

  • I wanted to dial in with more of a B2B strategy of connecting with accounts and building brand awareness. This approach positions our brands in front of buyers connecting with minimal friction points in educating and ordering.”

    Winesellers, LTD, Chicago — VP Marketing


How does Provi benefit me?

Provi can get your brand and products in front of your retailer audience in a fresh and expansive new way. With millions of monthly product searches, you have plenty of potential new customers waiting to discover your products.

What insights are available on Provi?

Understanding your buyer is half the battle for making better sales. Provi’s marketplace informs you on your products’ market share down to the zip code-level, providing you with info on points of distribution by brand and sku, as well as engagement analytics like customer impressions, clicks and total “add to carts” for each brand.

Why use the Provi marketplace?

Provi’s B2B digital marketplace is an all-in-one beverage ordering system that gives you the ability to market and sell your products to customers anywhere, anytime. Unlike proprietary platforms, Provi is a uniquely-positioned marketplace that provides your products more visibility by allowing you to be competitive with all brands, not just the ones carried by your distributor.

Put Your Brand in Front of the Right Buyers

Showcase products on the marketplace, share your brand story and access B2B purchasing insights. All in one place.


Get expert advice, practical how-tos and marketplace insights from Provi.

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