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3 Georgia Alcohol Trends to Watch in 2020

  • by: Maggie Mahar
  • On: 18, Feb 2020
18 min read
4 min read

3 Georgia Alcohol Trends to Watch in 2020

We're always looking into what's next. What's the next big thing? The next hot beverage? The next most popular beer? It's good to be one step ahead. But here at Provi, we like to think we're ahead by ...

4 min read

5 Most Popular Georgia Breweries

Over the last decade, Georgia’s craft beer scene has exploded. In fact, new breweries have been opening up ever since the early 2000’s—with more expected to open in 2020. It’s safe to say craft reigns...

How To (Profitably) Price Wine

There’s undoubtedly a fine art to pricing wine. It’s not an easy task in the slightest, and it’s also the key ‘make or break’ point for the long-term success of a wine list (and in some cases, an enti...

6 min read

4 Tech-y Tips for Building Better Account Relationships

While making quick sales is always a nice part of the job, any good beer or spirits rep could agree: Building long-term relationships is the key to long-term success. These types of long-lasting relat...

21 min read

New Beer Releases: February 10th - February 19th

This is for the people out there sick of pouring the same old IPA's. It's tired. You're tired. And quite frankly, we're tired for you. Switch it up. Do something new. It's 2020! Wake up, look alive an...

5 Genius Promotion Ideas for Bars and Restaurants

Promotions are no small part of the restaurant game. While everyone would love for their businesses to get by on word-of-mouth alone, that’s an extremely rare situation for a restaurant to be in. In r...

6 min read

8 Hacks To Transition Your Bar From Winter To Spring


25 min read

New Beer Releases: January 31st - February 7th

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Patio season isn't that far off, now. So get excited. Get VERY excited. Because this is one of our biggest beer release lists yet! We've got tons of new ...

Bar Inventory Hurdles and How To Overcome Them

It may not be fun, but taking inventory accurately is a critical part of running a restaurant or bar. Profit margins in the hospitality business are notoriously slim, and the product we bring in is of...

6 min read

Here's Why You're Seeing Bananas Everywhere

The cocktail scene these days is bananas (que the Gwen Stefani references, please). But, really -- banana has become the flavor-du-jour in recent years, appearing in everything from Art Basel to Banan...


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