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Expert Picks from Provi, SevenFifty Daily & Beverage Media Group’s 2023 Holiday Guide

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Introducing the 2023 Holiday Guide from Provi, in collaboration with the editors of SevenFifty Daily and Beverage Media Group. From featured picks to specialty cocktails perfect for serving over the holidays, enjoy this curated selection of products and recipes. From us to you, happy holidays!

Discover the 2023 Holiday Guide with curated products and recipes from SevenFifty Daily, Beverage Media Group, and Provi  Access The Guide

SevenFifty Daily’s Must-Have Picks for the Holidays

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Armand Heitz Juliénas 2021, Beaujolais, France

"Plenty of consumers look to Beaujolais for Thanksgiving, but it is also a go-to throughout the holiday season. Since it’s super versatile for festivities and meals all season long, it’s an excellent host gift to have on hand." — Courtney Schiessl Magrini, Editor-in-Chief, SevenFifty Daily and Beverage Media Group.

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Peter Lauer Riesling Sekt 2020

"This retailer favorite bubbly from a top-notch Riesling producer offers an excellent alternative to Champagne. It’s perfect for customers looking for an accompaniment to holiday dinners or parties, or a thoughtful, price-conscious gift." — Caitlin A. Miller, Associate Editor, SevenFifty Daily

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Tip Top Proper Cocktails Gin Martini

"In 100-milliliter, single-serving cans, Tip Top’s ready-to-drink cocktails are the perfect size for stocking stuffers—and this one is genuinely as crisp and delicious as a Martini gets. Stock a few next to the register to prompt last-minute add-ons." — Tyler Wetherall, Senior Editor, SevenFifty Daily

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5 Products To Stock For The Holiday Season


1. Bols Cocktail Very Old Fashioned

Introducing Bols Very Old Fashioned, the perfect cocktail for effortless enjoyment. Available in convenient single-serve 200ML or larger multi-serve 375ML bottles, it offers an aromatic and intense drinking experience. This original Old Fashioned is meticulously crafted using Barrel Aged Genever, Bols Orange Curaçao and a dash of bitters. Preparing it is a breeze: chill the bottle and pour over ice. Add a touch of orange zest for a delightful garnish. It’s a great product for wine and spirit retailers to stock for customers looking for the perfect stocking stuffer. 

St. George Gin Pack

2. St. George Spirits Gin Combo Pack

For gin lovers, the St. George Gin combo pack comes equipped with three 200ml bottles of  St. George’s Botanivore, Terroir and Dry Rye Gins. It’s a great gift for mixing up unique and diverse martinis hearthside during holiday celebrations. Perfect for the off-premise to promote to consumers as gifts for friends, family or colleagues. 

Bitter Truth Travel Pack

3. The Bitter Truth Travel New Pack

In August of 2006, The Bitter Truth embarked on its journey into the world of exquisite flavors by unveiling its inaugural products: the Orange Bitters and the Old Time Aromatic Bitters. Soon after, the Lemon Bitters joined this flavorful ensemble. Over time, this remarkable lineup has expanded to encompass an array of enticing options, including the Jerry Thomas Bitters, Creole Bitters, Celery Bitters, Grapefruit Bitters, Chocolate Bitters, Tonic Bitters, Peach Bitters, and Cucumber Bitters. Among the brand's cherished offerings is The Bitter Truth Bitters Travel Pack, which features five distinct flavors conveniently sized at 100ml/3 oz, making them perfectly suitable for your hand luggage during travels. 


4. Hibiki 21 Year Old 100th Anniversary Suntory Whiskey

In 1989, Suntory introduced Hibiki, a whisky that pays homage to their 90th anniversary, with its name symbolizing "resonance." Since then, it has earned its place as the quintessential embodiment of The Art of Japanese Whisky, crafted in harmony with Japan's natural beauty and its people's craftsmanship. The 100th-anniversary whisky meticulously blends multiple malt and grain whiskies and leverages Japanese Mizunara oak to compose a symphony of rich flavors and captivating aromas. Delve into our extensive range to uncover the myriad harmonious expressions of the exceptional Hibiki Whisky. Not for the faint of heart, this is a whisky for serious collectors. 

Willet Bourbon

5. Willett Family Pot Still Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Whether you're looking to fill your bar shelf or stock your retail store with a highly sought Bourbon, Willet Family Pot Still Bourbon Whiskey is a must-have this holiday season. It makes a great gift as much as it does a pour that revelers will seek out at a bar. Mike Fisk, chief sales and marketing officer of Evergreen Liquors in Bardstown, Kentucky told Beverage Media Group “It’s a great gift because the juice is great and the bottle design — shaped like a pot still — is one of the most unique bottles on the market.” We agree. 

The Provi Team


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