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Craft Beer's Latest Obsession: The Milkshake IPA

  • by: Maggie Mahar
  • On: 24, Sep 2019
32 min read
8 min read

Craft Beer's Latest Obsession: The Milkshake IPA

“Milkshake beers are not a trend or acceptable with traditional or even modern styles…No excuses. [sic]” 

8 min read

Oktoberfest Beer: Everything You Need To Know

Fall means different things to different people. To us at Provi (and we suspect many of you), fall means Oktoberfest. Although the official festival takes place in Munich, the global allure of any boo...

14 min read

The Ultimate Summer Beverage Trend Report

Ahhh. Sweet, sweet summer. A time when patios are packed with patrons. When bars are filled, five-people deep. When liquor has a tendency to go down a little quicker. No doubt Summer 2019 has had its ...

17 min read

New Beer Releases: September 13th - 23rd

Temps are dropping (kind of). And we're starting to get really excited for fall (kind of). But what's not to love about all of the fun, dark and malty beers headed our way? Hard seltzers, sit down, yo...

8 min read

IPA Beer: A Complete Style Guide

America’s love affair with the IPA doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon. The style of beer has risen to prominence over the past few decades, perhaps due to the versatility that can be clai...

15 min read

New Beer Releases: September 1st - 13th

Trigger warning: You are about to read a list of new and fall-inspired beer releases. If you can't handle it, and are still stuck on the idea of summer, we ask that you kindly and respectively x out o...

5 min read

Green Thinking: The Skinny on Restaurant Sustainability

The world is ending, and we are all going to die.

6 min read

Bar Concepts: On Trendy Vs. Trendy --A Handy Roadmap

It’s 2019. The cocktail renaissance boomed a few years ago, and has since pleasantly matured into a mellow, enjoyable hum. Yet, you walk into the city’s newest bar, and are greeted with the worst sort...

7 min read

5 Celebrity Alcohol Brands That Aren't One-Hit Wonders

There’s no shortage of celebrity-endorsed booze out there. For some segment of the population, celebrity ownership/branding/marketing/whatever can be a welcome sign of quality. For others (being in th...

7 min read

Mexico's 3,000-Year Fight to Protect Tequila's Cultural Status

For a lot of folks out there, tequila is the ‘wild child’ in the spirits family. It’s got an (admittedly well-earned) reputation as the life of the party. While we won’t argue that tequila is a good w...


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