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Beer Industry Trends of 2022 (and the Beer Outlook For 2023)

The beer industry is constantly shifting and keeping track is important to stay on top of it to remain relevant. Here’s a wrap of what’s trending from 2022 and an overview of what we’re noticing for 2023.

Beer Trend: Low Alcohol Beers Still Rule

It’s been well-reported recently that younger generations have become the “sober generation”  becoming more health conscious, choosing lower alcohol content beers to avoid hangovers and health problems. You should expect to see people seeking out beers with lower alcohol content and even things like mocktails and nonalcoholic beers. Breweries have already been rolling out beers with lower ABVs and even nonalcoholic drinks as well. This trend is not expected to go away anytime soon and we’ll likely see it as a broader trend rather than a small one.

Beer Trend: High Alcohol Beers are Growing in Popularity

On the flip side, higher alcohol content is being sought after in beers as well. Double IPAs are making up 6-7% of the market, up from around 4% just a few years prior. The increased popularity of double IPAs could be chalked up to a better flavor profile instead of its alcohol content, as double IPAs are naturally sweeter and maltier because of the brewing process. 

Beer Trend: Seltzers are the New Ciders (and Light Beers)

It’s hard not to see how popular seltzers have become. Most major breweries have dabbled in their own version of a seltzer. Even though seltzer became popularized in retail settings, you can now find seltzer being sold in many bars and restaurants as well. At bars, seltzer is now outranking cider, and the market is forecasted to continue in that direction. The low alcohol content and crisp, refreshing taste of hard seltzer is what people are looking for as opposed to ciders and light beers.

Beer Trend: Sour Beers Gains are Showing the Flavor Profile of 2023

Tying in with the health-conscious flavor trends, sour beers are starting to become more popular for their tangy citrus notes and crisp, refreshing taste. The replenishing vitamins and minerals associated with citrus fruits and their sour taste give people a sense of hydration. Especially this summer, it could be predicted that there’ll be an uptick in sour beer sales, more so than what we’ve seen in the past. Think of it like the lemonade of beers, people are looking for that sense of refreshment. It’s not to say this will be a major trend or significant increase, but it might be worth trying an extra sour on your menu this summer.

Beer Trends to Look For in 2023

Going into 2023, we expect some themes to continue based on trends we’re already seeing.

  • Expect beer alternatives to continue. Seltzers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. As we mentioned before, many breweries are rolling out their own seltzers, and even some sparkling water brands are coming out with their versions as well. Topo Chico’s hard seltzer is a great example of a sparkling water brand that’s come out with its own drink. Canned cocktails became popular during the pandemic as well, so keep an eye out for new beer alternatives to emerge on the market.

  • “Healthy” beers. The health-conscious trends we saw in the early 00s are making a comeback. Low-carb, gluten-free, organic, keto-friendly, and sustainably made beers will continue in popularity as people make choices that align with their dieting wants and needs. This is partially due to an increase in knowledge about certain illnesses that affect the body’s ability to break down specific compounds as you see with type 2 diabetes and Celiac disease. Accommodation with different choices is good for business, giving you loyal customers that feel cared for by you. This trend will continue on for years to come as we learn more about our patron’s dietary needs and the markets associated with them. 

  • High alcohol content to continue growing. While light beer and cider are being dominated by hard seltzer right now, higher alcohol content beers will continue to grow along with it. Beer will always be a popular choice, but trends suggest that higher alcohol content is the way to go. Try incorporating more double IPAs into your menu and other tasty beers that follow the flavor trends we’ve talked about previously, you’ll likely see an increase in interest and more profits.

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