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Resources, guides and inspiration for the modern-day beverage professional.

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Corey Hines

Corey Hines
Career bartender turned Content Marketing Manager at Provi, covering all things beer, wine and spirits.

Managing Bar Costs: Practical Tips for Budgeting and Financial Control

Operating a bar is a careful balancing act. On one hand, you must manage the bar’s output and qualit...

What’s New in Vodka: Unveiling the Latest Trends Revolutionizing the Category

Vodka has been the number-one-selling spirit in America since the 1970s, but recent headlines would ...

The Most Popular Cocktails of 2023 (So Far)

Despite the Dirty Shirley’s fated attempt last year to go down in the annals of “drink of the summer...

Unveiling the Trends and Insights Shaping the Rosé Renaissance

Rosé has unequivocally become the wine of summer, but it wasn’t always that way. Over the last centu...

2023 Summer Reading List for Food & Beverage Professionals

An in-depth list of the best reads from industry leaders — including the latest books, resources and...

10 Bar & Restaurant Promotion Ideas to Attract Customers This Summer

Summer is high time for bars, restaurants and retail shops. Consumers flock to barrooms to unwind an...

The History and Rise of the Aperol Spritz

What is it about summer and its sweltering heat that has us longing to bake beachside in Italy or pe...

Have We Reached Peak RTD? An Inside Look at the Latest Data

Ready-to-drink or most often referred to as RTD is an emerging category that’s risen from a niche in...

Louise McGuane: The First Modern-Day Whiskey Bonder & Founder of J.J. Corry Irish Whiskey

Irish Whiskey has a storied past. For more than 400 years, Ireland has produced whiskey beloved by m...

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