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CHICAGO Feb. 26, 2024 - Provi, the largest online marketplace for the beverage alcohol industry, today announced its latest product enhancements within its enterprise management solution. The company launched a revamped corporate approval flow, expanded punch-out capabilities, and comprehensive Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) support tailored specifically for distributors operating at scale. These advancements bolster the company’s suite of offerings, aiming to address the intricate demands of beverage ordering for national chains.

“By integrating innovative technology while adhering to the principles of the three-tier system, we've made a significant impact for our partners," stated Taylor Katzman, Founder & CEO, Provi. “Chain establishments face unique challenges, and we are excited to empower these organizations to make data-driven decisions, which will ultimately facilitate growth and increased productivity.” 

Provi recently announced substantial product updates to its marketplace and has implemented a strategic focus on features tailored to better serve its chain partners.

Among these enhancements is the introduction of an enhanced approval queue, designed to streamline the beverage order approval process. This innovative feature provides regional stakeholders the ability to action on requests from locations they actively manage from a single interface, while also granting corporate stakeholders with a centralized view of their entire beverage program at a national level.They can conveniently access a comprehensive array of products sourced from various distributors, all consolidated in one easily navigable interface.

"The consolidated approval feature has proven to be a true game-changer for us," shared Taylor Frendahl, Director of Strategic Sourcing, P.F. Chang's. "The capability to effortlessly approve, reject, and monitor all orders across multiple locations in one comprehensive view has greatly enhanced efficiency and streamlined decision-making processes across the board."

Provi has also enhanced its punch-out capabilities by seamlessly integrating procurement systems into its marketplace. This integration allows partners, like major hotel chains and clubs across the U.S., to synchronize purchase orders and support approval processes for beverage ordering. The punch-out integrations have improved connectivity, centralization, multi-location management, and transparency. Furthermore, these capabilities have streamlined the ordering process for individual locations by eliminating redundancies and creating purchase orders in their procurement systems for consolidated reporting at the corporate level.

To enhance the connectivity between chains and their distributors, Provi has implemented EDI support. This enhancement facilitates the direct flow of order data to distributors' Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, offering enhanced visibility into post-order changes, delivery dates, and critical information exchanges between chains and their distributors.

The company has also revealed its plans to support split mandates. This initiative will enable chains to establish mandates concerning spirits while granting each location autonomy over their beer and/or wine selections.

"We're constantly advancing our product and technology to meet the needs of our chain customers, delivering scalable solutions to optimize their beverage programs,” shared Dave Herman, Chief Product Officer, Provi. “Our tailored approach for both beverage managers and corporate accounts offers flexible controls to ensure quality and cost efficiency. With self-service beverage program management tools and on-demand reports, we are able to empower our customers with actionable insights into operational health and trends."

To learn more about Provi and its solution for national chain visit https://www.provi.com/chains 

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