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Company launches sales rep and tailored distributor recommendations, refined retailer onboarding, and cutting-edge search capabilities

CHICAGO, Jan. 10, 2024 - Provi, the largest online marketplace for the beverage alcohol industry, today announced new product updates designed to bolster the connection between licensed retailers and distributors. These enhancements are strategically curated to streamline the ordering process, drastically reduce the time to find products, and place the distributor at the forefront of the digital shopping experience.

"Provi's core mission revolves around enhancing the efficiency of the beverage alcohol industry and we are dedicated to strengthening connections within the three-tier system through digital innovation," stated Taylor Katzman, Founder and CEO, Provi. "We understand the pivotal roles played by distributors and sales representatives for licensed retailers, and we take pride in equipping them with powerful tools to maximize revenue while simplifying the often tedious order-taking process."

Provi's enhanced marketplace experience curates a tailored purchasing journey for retailers. The introduction of Provi’s rep and distributor recommendation functionality empowers distributor sales representatives to align with retailers' preferences, significantly augmenting cart sizes. Distributor partners leveraging Provi are witnessing impressive results, with an 18% to 37% increase in revenue per retailer and a staggering up to 41% rise in order frequency. 

Provi distributor reps and buyers

Within its marketplace, Provi has incorporated opportunities for retailers to round out their orders easily, ensuring they don’t miss a frequently ordered item from their favorite distributors. Through new features such as the “More to Consider' option, available within the cart, items that have been purchased from their distributors in the past but have not been included in a current order are highlighted. Implemented to help bar managers avoid missing items they generally order when doing stock-ups, this feature has been widely adopted since its launch in late Q3 2023.

"The integration of Provi into our operations has been a game-changer for our business," shared Shai Ghermezian, Vice President, Allied Importers, USA Ltd. "Provi's marketplace has greatly improved our relationships with retail customers, providing them with 24/7 access to our portfolio. Furthermore, it has empowered our sales reps with tools that not only simplify their lives but also drive revenue."

In addition to an array of new features designed to elevate the distributor's experience, Provi has streamlined the retailer's journey from the initial sign-up phase to the discovery of preferred distributors, enabling retailers to place orders rapidly and efficiently. This initiative has decreased the steps required to place orders on Provi by 50%. The new signup experience has also led to a monumental 70,000 distributor-retailer connections made through automation at the point of signup, unlocking rep communication, and order processing from the beginning of the retailer’s experience on Provi’s marketplace. 

Harnessing the power of machine learning alongside Provi's cutting-edge search algorithm, the company’s enhanced marketplace excels at showcasing the most pertinent products tailored to each retailer's distinct requirements. Provi's refined search filtering, sorting, and layout capabilities are meticulously designed to streamline the inventory replenishment process, optimizing retailers' time. These enhancements enable effortless side-by-side product comparisons in dual states, providing sorting options based on newly added items, price, ABV, and other search enhancements. Complemented by inventory lists, verified in-stock badges, future pricing insights, and detailed product vintage information, these features collectively elevate the overall buying experience for retailers.

“Features like inventory lists are critical when meeting with different sales reps and brand ambassadors,” shared Jack Cerone of Green Street Local in Chicago. “Instead of taking handwritten notes, you can add new products during your meeting, eliminating the need to look for notes or reflect back to your meeting. Everything you need is already in Provi ready for you to order.”

Provi has also expanded the types of product information available to retailers, adding new information such as producer name and description, distributor notes, tech sheets and shelf talkers, and last order date and quantity to product detail pages. These new details help to more closely align the buyer experience with the depth of information available to sales reps within Provi.

“Provi has been game changing for me as a tool to manage the On Deck Concepts Beverage program,” added Dan Timm, Director of Food And Beverage, On Deck Concepts in Texas. “The access to real time pricing and inventory from distributors, product info, and specific order guide management by location and concept is remarkable. The simple to use marketplace keeps managers focused on running their store.” 

The company continues to strengthen its product offerings by leveraging the extensive expertise of its accomplished team. By bringing together an executive team comprising leaders from the beverage alcohol, technology, and CPG industries, Provi maintains a keen understanding of the unique ecosystem and addresses its needs through innovative digital solutions.

In 2023, the company welcomed Patrik Schnell, a former executive from retail giants Walmart, Salesforce, and Amazon, as its Chief Technology Officer. Furthermore, Provi recently onboarded Jay Dawar as the new VP of Engineering, bringing over 30 years of technology expertise with industry experience in retail, telecom, and finance. In his role, Dawar will spearhead initiatives aimed at simplifying the experience for retailers, distributors, and national accounts, enabling seamless transactions for all their beverage alcohol requirements.

For more information about Provi and to stay updated on its latest product enhancements, please visit: https://www.provi.com/


About Provi (www.provi.com)

Provi is the largest online marketplace that simplifies the complex process of ordering wholesale alcohol by connecting buyers and distributors. Active in all markets throughout the U.S., Provi's robust, online marketplace improves communication and efficiency for on- and off-premise buyers, distributors and suppliers. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Chicago, Provi recently joined forces with SevenFifty, which included the Beverage Media properties with industry legacy dating back to the repeal of prohibition, along with SevenFifty Daily, an award-winning industry publication discussing the beverage alcohol business and culture.

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