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Wholesaler to Utilize Provi’s Digital B2B Marketplace to Support Sales Reps and Foster Stronger Relationships with Licensed Retailers

Feb. 6, 2024, KNOXVILLE, Tenn. and CHICAGO - Cherokee Distributing Company, a prominent beer and nonalcoholic beverage wholesaler in Tennessee today announced a strategic partnership with Provi, the largest online marketplace for the beverage alcohol industry. The collaboration is designed to elevate revenue streams for Cherokee through the implementation of Provi’s cutting-edge online ordering system and distributor sales tools.

The partnership will empower Cherokee's sales representatives to enhance their service to licensed retail customers. By leveraging Provi's marketplace, Cherokee’s customers will have the ability to seamlessly search and place orders from the wholesaler’s extensive portfolio. Provi’s streamlined online ordering system and suite of distributor rep tools will optimize efficiency and provide an elevated experience for both Cherokee's team and their valued customers.

"This strategic partnership with Provi is poised to equip our sales representatives with advanced tools, streamlining the selling process and catering to the evolving requirements of our valued retail customers,” shared Jeff Knight, President at Cherokee Distributing.Our commitment to innovation is reflected in this partnership, as we strive to stay at the forefront of meeting industry demands and enhancing overall efficiency."

Cherokee’s Vice President Lauren Bowman added, "Embracing digital solutions, such as Provi, holds immense promise in unlocking fresh opportunities, not just for our company, but for our dedicated sales force. We are excited to give them the tools to make their jobs easier and more impactful." 

Provi recently announced substantial product enhancements designed to fortify the bond between distributors and licensed retailers. The introduction of advanced features, such as rep and distributor recommendation functionality, empowers reps to seamlessly align with the unique preferences of retailers, resulting in a substantial boost to cart sizes. 

The company shared that distributor partners utilizing Provi's enhanced capabilities are experiencing remarkable outcomes, including an impressive 18% to 37% surge in revenue per retailer. Moreover, Provi’s marketplace has demonstrated a remarkable increase in order frequency, reaching up to an astounding 41%. 

"We are thrilled to embark on a strategic partnership with Cherokee Distributing Company, aiming to create significant value for their entire organization, sales force, and retailer relationships," said Manali Patel, VP of Distributor Partnerships at Provi. "Cherokee's dedicated commitment to adopting digital solutions to stay at the forefront of industry trends is truly commendable. We feel privileged to collaborate with them on this transformative journey and look forward to contributing to their continued success."

Provi’s online marketplace simplifies the complex beverage ordering process between retailers and distributors. To discover and shop Cherokee Distributing Company’s portfolio sign up at provi.com



About Cherokee Distributing Company

Cherokee Distributing Company, founded in 1958, is a leading beverage distributor committed to delivering excellence in service and product quality. With a rich history and a forward-thinking approach, the company continues to evolve to meet the dynamic needs of consumers and clients, maintaining its position as a trusted partner in the beverage industry.

About Provi (www.provi.com)

Provi is the largest online marketplace that simplifies the complex process of ordering wholesale alcohol by connecting buyers and distributors. Active in all markets throughout the U.S., Provi's robust online marketplace improves communication and efficiency for on- and off-premise buyers, distributors, and suppliers. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Chicago, Provi recently joined forces with SevenFifty, which included the Beverage Media properties with an industry legacy dating back to the repeal of prohibition, along with SevenFifty Daily, an award-winning industry publication discussing the beverage alcohol business and culture.

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