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Provi (www.provi.com), the fastest-growing B2B eCommerce marketplace for the beverage alcohol industry, announced today its official New York launch in partnership with distributors Empire Merchants, Empire Merchants North, and Manhattan Beer to better service its customers through their free, online ordering solution.

"The introduction of Provi to the New York market is a huge accomplishment and we are thrilled to have such fantastic partners in Empire Merchants and Manhattan Beer," said Taylor Katzman, Provi CEO. With New York having the highest density of bars and restaurants, we are excited and eager to enter a market with so much potential for growth and success. Our top priority is to help bars, restaurants, and their distributor sales reps recover from the hardships from last year and flourish in this new chapter. The launch of Provi into the New York market means bars and restaurants can now spend their time on what matters most - better serving their customers. We are ecstatic about the future and look forward to long-term partnerships with both of these New York institutions."

On average, distributors add 50 to 100 new products to their portfolio each year, making it nearly impossible for retailers to stay ahead of trends and in-tune with what their customers want most. Moreover, losing hours a week managing orders over text messages hinders growth.

Provi's expansion into the New York market helps alleviate these concerns by streamlining product discovery, inventory management, rep communication, and ordering from every distributor available in the state, all on a single platform – as a distributor sales rep, you have the chance to increase your volume up to 10% with the company's proprietary technology. Through an integration with Empire Merchants and Manhattan Beer, customers will have access to accurate pricing and the latest discounts, providing full transparency to better plan their budgets. With Provi, retailers can spend less time on the ordering process itself and instead, shift their attention to helping customers make informed decisions that meet their business needs.

"As the premiere wine and spirits wholesaler in New York, it is our responsibility to protect, enhance and optimize the community of retailers which we serve. With the proliferation of online sales, digital merchandising opportunities and overwhelming consumer shifts in demand, we believe now is the time for the trade to embrace ePremise and more specifically online ordering," said Eric Pfeil, President/CEO at Empire.

"Today, customers and distributors are performing a true balancing act. An increasing number of customers are seeking on demand, self-service portals to research, compare, and purchase their beverages," stated Joe Minnix, Director of eCommerce at Manhattan Beer. "Distributors, like Manhattan Beer, are consistently finding ways to enhance the buying experience by working closely with our suppliers, assessing customer's needs, analyzing buying habits, and strengthening customer service. With Provi, Manhattan Beer unlocks the potential to add value, by offering a flexible, on demand, online shopping experience for the right customers at the right time."

Further supporting the New York market expansion, Brown-Forman, maker of popular brands like Jack Daniel's and one of the largest American-owned spirits and wine companies, will donate up to $12,500 to the NYC Hospitality Alliance and Red Bull will partner with Manhattan Beer to run a "buy two cases, get one free" through a new promotion for orders placed on Provi.

Provi is now available for all licensed, on-premise and off-premise buyers in the state of New York. Learn more about the solution and create a free account here. 

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