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Live Virtual Discussion Scheduled for January 9, Featuring Executives and Leaders from American Beverage Licensees, Constellation Brands, Tales of the Cocktail Foundation and Restaurant Workers' Community Foundation

CHICAGO, Jan. 3, 2024 - Provi, the largest online marketplace for the beverage alcohol industry, and SevenFifty Daily, an award-winning online magazine about the business and culture of the beverage alcohol industry, are thrilled to announce the first 2024 installment of their “Beyond the Glass” roundtable series. This discussion will spotlight insights from industry 

pioneers and leaders, exploring how the broader beverage alcohol ecosystem can fortify the hospitality sector as on-premise establishments regain stability, especially in the aftermath of global events over the last four years. Titled, “Giving Back to the Hospitality Sector: Supporting On-Premise Through Shifts in Workplace Dynamics,” the engaging conversation will be held virtually on Tuesday, January 9, at 2:00 PM ET. 

Moderated by Courtney Schiessl Magrini, Editor-in-Chief of SevenFifty Daily, panelists include 

John Bodnovich, Executive Director, American Beverage Licensees (ABL); Kelly Himel, Senior Sales Director (Florida), Constellation Brands; Neal Bodenheimer, Managing Partner of CureCo. (Cure, Cane & Table, Peychaud’s, and VALS) in New Orleans, and Tales of the Cocktail Foundation Co-Chair of the Board of Directors; and Jayanthi K. Daniel, Executive Director, Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation.

"The retail tier is an indispensable cornerstone of the beverage industry, playing a vital role in sustaining the overall economic health of this sector – an essential component for the success of distributors, suppliers, and other stakeholders," stated Bodnovich. "Despite a common misconception that, post-pandemic, and with the easing of issues like inflation, on-premise retailers can stand independently, the reality reveals profound and enduring effects on this tier. I am looking forward to discussing these critical issues during the upcoming Provi and SevenFifty Daily roundtable discussion."

"Continued backing for the hospitality industry remains a strategic imperative across all three tiers," added Himel "From a supplier standpoint, the very essence of brands is forged in the on-premise arena, making the sustained vitality of this sector absolutely imperative for our overall growth."

A recent Provi and SevenFifty Daily Beverage Alcohol Industry Career and Salary Survey Report revealed enduring effects on the hospitality industry, particularly in the on-premise tier. Notably, 42% of on-premise respondents changed companies since 2020, with higher stress levels and concerns about minimum wage increases (81%) and labor shortages (74%). 

"Even with the resurgence of the on-premise sector, persistent workplace challenges like labor shortages hinder the full potential of the hospitality industry," remarked Daniel. "As we witness the ongoing reconstruction of the on-premise sector, it presents a remarkable opportunity to bring attention to pivotal issues, such as advocating for living wages. This strategic focus aims to enhance our sector's competitiveness and fortify our ability to attract and retain top-tier talent."

Despite challenges, optimism prevails within the on-premise sector, with 46% on-premise report respondents expressing confidence in professional growth opportunities. 

"I have had the privilege of witnessing the extraordinary resilience of the bar and restaurant industry, where a deep sense of community has organically flourished," expressed Bodenheimer. "Our indispensable partners across the supplier and wholesale tiers have been instrumental in cultivating and nurturing this strong community bond. As we approach the upcoming roundtable discussion, my hope is that it will not only offer our partners a profound understanding of the on-premise sector, particularly in the realm of workplace dynamics but also unveil novel opportunities for their meaningful involvement."

Earlier this year, Provi and SevenFifty Daily introduced “Beyond the Glass,” a series dedicated to uniting industry leaders for the exchange of insights and ideas that foster community growth and advancement. 

The upcoming January roundtable promises to be impactful, leaving attendees with a heightened understanding of how organizations can advocate for the on-premise tier. The “Beyond The Glass” series welcomes participants across the beverage alcohol and hospitality sectors. Interested individuals can register at no cost by visiting provi.com/beyondtheglass.



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SevenFifty Daily is an award-winning online magazine about the business and culture of the beverage alcohol industry. We analyze the issues people are talking about, uncover new insights and innovations, and explore the people, places, and traditions beyond the bottle. Covering the three tiers of the alcohol industry, we connect a global community of drinks professionals, creating a space that fosters conversation and a platform for showcasing the people and ideas moving the industry forward.


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Provi is the largest online marketplace that simplifies the complex process of ordering wholesale alcohol by connecting buyers, distributors and suppliers. Active in all markets throughout the U.S., Provi's robust, online marketplace improves communication and efficiency for on- and off-premise buyers, distributors and suppliers. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Chicago, Provi joined forces with SevenFifty in 2022, which included the Beverage Media properties with industry legacy dating back to the repeal of prohibition, along with SevenFifty Daily, an award-winning industry publication discussing the beverage alcohol business and culture.

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