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Spring is once again upon us, and that means it is time to refresh your menu. Leave the savory, spicy, and filling cocktails of winter behind and start implementing flavors that make people think of warm weather and sunny days.

Coming up with profitable cocktail ideas for spring might seem like a challenge, but we have put together several different ideas. Today we're helping you figure out what direction you may want to go in as far as flavors are concerned and how to make cocktails that are profitable as they are tasty.

But First: What are Spring Flavors?

When you consider spring flavors, you have to focus on the naturally occurring foods that you can find during this time. We’re predisposed to think of spring as a time of renewal, refreshment, and health. Since many people are coming out of their winter hibernation of sorts, they want to have drinks that are not going to feel too heavy or ruin the beach body they are preparing for summer.

So, we have to think about what flavors customers want to taste during spring. Mostly, you’ll want to focus on sweet, fruity flavors similar to summer. Unlike the hotter months, you can get away with alcohol-rich drinks while also getting the benefit of fruit flavors that are not quite in season, like peaches.

So, you want to aim for light, sweet, and somewhat strong drinks to keep your patrons jubilant about the new weather patterns.


Boosting Bar and Restaurant ProfitsThe Impact of Profitability 

When considering your drink menu for spring, you should remember that this time of year comes with a wide variety of low-cost and in-season ingredients including:

  • Apricot
  • Cherries
  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberries (Late Spring)
  • Cantaloupe(Late Spring)

These are all versatile items that can easily work as ingredients on any basic cocktail menu. There is no need to focus on cocktail ingredients that are out of season when you can get these integral ones for so little money. With that in mind, you should review your menu and past orders to get the best deals on these ingredients. 

How to Price Beer, Wine & Spirits

The Drinks

When you are putting together your list of drinks for the spring, you must take into account your menu and patrons. Will they like these flavors or are you better off sticking to beer and wine? With that in mind, work in a few of the drinks that we’ve come up with instead of all of them, and see how they react. Don’t be afraid to pull the plug on the ones that are not successful enough to make money.

Without further ado, we’re going to list some of the best drinks that you can get for your spring cocktail menu that will boost sales, generate interest, and do not require any outlandish ingredients.


Increasing Restaurant Revenue during SpringSangria

Sangria is a very tasty beverage with plenty of flavors and the potential to be personalized by every bartender. Basically, you will need red wine, fresh fruits (like pineapple and strawberry), brandy, and orange juice. You mix it up and let it all sit together and serve it chilled. If you want to make the drink a tad more exciting, feel free to add a citrus soda to the mix so it turns into a sparkling beverage.


The Daiquiri is another very simple drink that has endless amounts of customization possible. That means it is perfect for a bar or restaurant looking to make a signature daiquiri to serve its patrons. For this product, you’ll need some white rum, simple syrup, and lime juice. Other people favor using a darker, non-spiced rum or various flavors of the simple syrup. You can make endless different flavors for the daiquiri, and you should encourage your bartenders to custom make them for a small fee.


Profitable Spring Cocktail IdeasWhiskey Sour

The Whiskey Sour is one of the heavier drinks that you should consider serving during the spring. Making this drink takes a fair amount of preparation compared to others, so you can use the prep time to adjust the costs. You use bourbon, egg white, Gomme syrup, and fresh lime juice to make this drink. It is often shaken with ice and then served with ice as well. Garnish the drink with lemon and a cherry or sugar the glass. 


The Mimosa is a springtime favorite for a lot of people owing to the light taste, ability to drink quite a bit without feeling drunk, and ease of obtaining ingredients. In this case, you will mix champagne and orange juice and then add a garnish to the flute glass. It’s very simple, bubbly, and it goes well with so many foods that it should fly off the menu. Some purists will insist it is not a cocktail, but it’s staying on this list.


Revenue-Driving Cocktail IdeasSpiked Lemonade

Whether you mix it up on your own or pour it from a bottle, spike lemonades are a very popular cocktail choice during the spring. For this drink, you will need sugar, water, lemon zest, lemon juice, rum or vodka, and some slices of the fruit for your garnish. It’s simple to make even though it can take time to get it ready to serve. You can increase the price point on this drink with ease since it’s homemade, and you can add different fruits, like strawberry, to it to increase the appeal. Customers will fall in love with this drink. 

Tequila Honeysuckle

For this drink, you’re going to mix tequila, honey syrup, lime juice, and ice to give you a tasty, light beverage. The honey is surprisingly good at offsetting the taste of tequila that so many people dislike.


Finding the right drink menu for the spring can be tricky. A lot of bars and restaurants keep their menu the same throughout winter and spring with the exception being St. Patrick’s Day. That is not a wise route to go, of course. You need to mix things up before summer and prime your customer base for a summer of fun and safe consumption by offering them tasty beverages that remind them that better weather and times are on the way!

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