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Top-Selling Black-Owned & Founded Beer, Wine and Spirits

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February is Black History Month and to celebrate, we’re taking a deep dive into Provi marketplace data to see what Black-owned and founded beer, wine and spirit brands are trending. From the top-selling to the fastest-growing, here are the latest data insights collected from 7/18/2022 through 1/17/2023. 

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Market Share Breakdown Of Black-Owned Beer, Wine and Spirits Categories



Market share across Black-owned or founded brands skew heavily toward spirits. Spirits accounted for nearly 87% of the market share followed by Wine (10.35%), Beer & Hard Seltzer (2.40%), and Non-Alcoholic (0.55%), respectively. 

Top-Selling Black-Owned Beer, Wine and Spirits Brands



To get the top-selling Black-owned or founded beer, wine and spirit brands in the Provi marketplace, we looked at total market share across the Black-owned category by total Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) or total sales in U.S. dollars. 

The top-selling Black-owned Spirit brands were: 

  • Ciroc (39.83%)
  • D'Usse    (23.83%)
  • Uncle Nearest    (11.21%)
  • Cincoro (9.79%)
  • 44 North (5.30%)
  • DeLeon (5.20%)
  • Ten To One (2.87%)
  • Angostura (0.87%)
  • Du Nord (0.28%)
  • Brough Brothers (0.13%)

The top-selling Black-owned Wine brands were: 

  • Maison Noir (75.67%)
  • McBride Sisters (13.64%)
  • Longevity Wines (7.27%)
  • MYX (2.49%)
  • Shadow Ridge (0.70%)
  • SHE CAN (0.23%)

The top-selling Black-owned Beer brands were: 

  • 18th Street Brewery (93.42%)
  • Green Bench Brewery (6.58%)


Top-Selling Black-Owned Beer & Hard Seltzer Types


In the graph above, Pilsner is the top-selling type in the Beer and Hard Seltzer category accounting for 67.39% of the total market share. IPA follows with 25.64%, Hazy/New England IPA (3.06%), American Pale Ale (1.30%), Stout (1.23%), American Lager (0.59%), Berliner Weisse (0.41%), and last, Milk/Sweet Stout (0.39%), respectively. 

Top-Selling Black-Owned & Founded Spirit Types


Flavored Vodka was the clear choice among retail buyers. The Spirit type accounted for 36.66% of the total market share in this time period. Cognac followed with 22.68%, American Whiskey (9.85%), Plain Vodka (7.14%), Blanco (5.19%), Reposado (4.89%), Anejo (4.00%), Dark Rum (2.85%), Spirit Gift set (1.20%), Bourbon Whiskey (1.09%). 

Top-Selling Black-Owned & Founded Wine Types


Across the wine category, Pinot Noir was the most ordered Wine type in the Provi marketplace, accounting for 30.40% of the total market share. Cabernet Sauvignon followed with 21.80%, Rosé/Orange Wine (8.97%), Red Blend (7.60%), Chardonnay (7.52%), Pinot Gris/Grigio (5.59%), Sauvignon Blanc (5.33%), Gamay (3.09%), White Blend (2.79%), and Sparkling Wine (1.59%).

Fastest-Growing Black-Owned & Founded Beer, Wine, Spirits, and Non-Alcoholic Products 


The fastest-growing Black-owned products across all categories (by % of market share growth) were:

  • Beer and Hard Seltzer: 18th Street Brewery Sex and Candy (+4.56%)
  • Spirits: D'Usse VSOP Cognac (+6.69%)
  • Wine: Maison Noir Other People's Pinot Noir (+22.12%)
  • Non-Alcoholic: Hella Cocktail Co. Bloody Mary (+7.32%)

Corey Hines

Career bartender turned Content Marketing Manager at Provi, covering all things beer, wine and spirits.


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