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The Latest Trends in Beverage Alcohol

Provi Pulse provides beverage distributors, suppliers and on- and off-premise retailers with a unique look into the latest trends happening in the Provi marketplace. Get insights delivered to your inbox by signing up for Provi Pulse today!

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What's Inside Provi Pulse Reports?

Numbers matter when it comes to sales, and each Provi Pulse report provides industry insiders a unique look at the latest data and trends surrounding the beer, wine and spirits landscape.

Provi's Powerful Data

Provi Pulse leverages Provi's unique, first-party marketplace data to provide insight into on- and off-premise buyer behavior.

Industry Insights & Trends

Learn about the latest trends happenings in the bev-alc ecosystem.

Access to Popular New Products

Each report contains new and exciting products from trending distributors and suppliers.


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