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Non Alcoholic Cocktails to Bring in New Clientele to Your Restaurant

Whether it’s for health reasons or just a personal choice, it’s hard to ignore the increase in demand for non-alcoholic beverages in bars and restaurants. Historically, drinking has been a means to bond with other people through the good and the bad. Now we tend to use bars as that “third place” between work and home, where we can quite literally eat, drink, and be merry. This community experience can be limiting for some, however. Drinking can be dangerous for people on certain medications and it’s an obvious no-no for people in recovery. Some even have alcohol intolerance, a rare condition that prevents one’s body from breaking down alcohol, leading to potentially life-threatening symptoms. Regardless, the younger generation seems to be less interested in drinking in general. All of these reasons combined is a compelling case for why you should have specialized non-alcoholic drinks on your menu.

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What are NA Cocktails?

NA cocktails, or non-alcoholic cocktails, are simply cocktails that don’t contain alcohol. They’re also referred to as “virgin” drinks or mocktails. Cocktails can be known for having distinct and sometimes complex flavor profiles that complement the alcohol being added to them. The goal of having a good NA cocktail is to mimic that experience. 

Why Do I Need to Invest in Non-Alcoholic Cocktails or Simple Non-Alcoholic Options?

Non-alcoholic cocktails have a track record of being extremely simple and downright boring until recent years when the market for them began to grow. It can even become ostracizing to order a “virgin” drink if you’re with a non-sober group. You should invest in non-alcoholic cocktails and simple NA options so you can bank on that market, something many bars and restaurants are slow to tap in on. 

Some Great Examples of Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Offering soda as an option is perfectly fine, but to punch up your NA menu, you should get creative with it. Sometimes it can take a little more than just removing the alcohol from a mixed drink, so we’ll get into some solid examples of menu-worthy drinks for your bar or restaurant. 

  • Non-alcoholic frozen cocktails. People already love frozen drinks, especially in the summertime. Virgin daiquiris and margaritas are already popular for their refreshing, sweet taste. A blended NA pina colada is the perfect classic cocktail option as well. Aside from the well-known frozen mocktails, you can get creative with it. Blending mint, watermelon, lime juice, and some ice can create a unique and refreshing frozen NA cocktail. Try to play around with ingredients and don’t limit yourself to just the obvious choices.
  • Tonic water-based NA cocktails. Tonic water is a great way to create NA cocktails since the base is so simple. The fizziness from the tonic water alone can help create an attractive drink that draws people in. Using tonic water is also great for versatility, you can add in pretty much whatever flavor combinations you want. A great seasonal drink, for example, could be something like tonic water, cranberry juice, and a rosemary simple syrup. You could even add espresso tonics to your menu, an already popular drink with just espresso and tonic water.

  • Bitter NA cocktails. Bitters are known for their unique flavors, adding something special to any drink. Recently, non-alcoholic bitters have emerged with the demand for more NA cocktail options. Incorporating NA bitters into your mocktails can recreate the interesting and complex flavor that bitters bring to the table. There’s an overall theme we’re trying to drive home; the uniqueness and specialty aspect of the drinks you create is what will set you apart from the rest. You’re appealing to your non-alcoholic customers and creating memorable experiences for them that will make them interested in coming back again. 

  • NA margaritas are a great base. If you’re not sure what specialty drinks to make, start with a non-alcoholic margarita as your base. Lime juice, orange juice, and simple syrup can get you a lot of places. You can add cherry juice and sparkling water to make a cherry margarita mocktail. Most fruits would go excellent in this base like peach, watermelon, blackberry, and grapefruit. Go wild with it, some folks even put pickle juice in their margaritas! As long as it’s good and interesting, people will be attracted to it.

  • Canned or bottled NA beverages. If you’re still stumped, you’re in luck. The business of pre-packaged non-alcoholic drinks is booming, bringing you high-quality NA cocktails in the simplest way possible. Brands like Fauxmosa and Sound are creating mocktails that have great ingredients and delicious flavors, perfect for your NA-seeking customers. Some mocktail companies offer options containing CBD as well or specific vitamins and other health benefits, which could be even more appealing.

How Provi Can Help Track Inventory for Your NA Cocktail List!

Provi’s inventory tracking system and all-in-one ordering can help you keep what your customers love on the menu without overspending on excess inventory. With a catalog of thousands of your favorite brands, you can easily access and order new inventory as needed without balancing multiple platforms at once. Our system is so easy to use you can order new inventory for your mocktail menu in as little as 5 minutes! Create a free Provi account today and see what we can do to make your life easier.

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