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Tips on Selling Rosé in Your Establishment

Rose isn’t a specific type of grape like most types of wine, but rather, a descriptor for the wine-making process involved. Think of Rose as you would red or white wine. It’s typically a blend of different grapes as well with the exception of a few. This is why Rose is so versatile, there are many types to choose from out there that have the potential to make an excellent pairing for your menu. Many people don’t know much about Rose, however, and could be missing out on a delicious offering you have available.

Rose has a reputation for being a cheap dessert wine, putting off the average customer from trying it. We’re going to give you some in-depth tips on how to sell Rose in a way that shows your customers what a star Rose really is.

Top Tips on How to Sell Rosé to Your Customers at a Bar or Restaurant

Rose is already a popular wine, appealing to a wide audience with its versatility and rounded flavor profile. It’s a fan favorite on many menus for a reason. In France, Rose has been popular for centuries as an excellent pairing with various soft cheeses and pastries. Rich, flavorful Italian food also lends itself well to Rose. No matter what’s on your menu, you’ll likely find a few options that would go well with it. All you have to do is spread the word about your wine options, the wine’ll do the rest.

Recommend Rosé based on what customers are eating. 

Wine pairings are a great way to introduce customers to new choices. Many associate Rose with dessert, so suggesting it with things like seafood pasta or a spicy curry dish might leave customers pleasantly surprised. You can read more on training your staff on how to sell wine as a server here. This is an important skill to equip your staff with when it comes to your wine menu as they can completely change the customer’s view of your dishes and offerings.

Recommend a style to a customer who doesn’t exactly know what they want. 

Customers who aren’t sure what they want tend to respect the expertise your staff has on the wines you have available. This is the perfect time to suggest a Rose, as it’s difficult to choose one that wouldn’t be a hit. Making a good suggestion also helps build customer rapport, giving you a reputation for having knowledgeable staff and good taste in wine.

Rosé is a great wine to sell in the daytime. 

Rose is considered a lunch wine, perfect for sitting in the sun as it’s best served chilled. It’s especially great for establishments with outdoor seating. Many regard Rose to be a summer wine due to its crisp and refreshing nature. You can sip on Rose with a light meal without feeling the heaviness of other wines.

Give a variety of Rosé bottle sizes to offer to a customer.

Having different bottle sizes is a great way to appeal to large groups and couples. You’ll have an easier time selling bottles to groups if they only have to buy 2 or 3, and couples can commit to smaller half bottles. Marketing studies state that if you make your product more accessible to your customers, they’re more likely to buy. Serving different-sized bottles does exactly that.

Sell Rosé as a great cold wine alternative to red wines.

Chilled red wine can be a real treat, but red wines aren’t always the move. Since Rose is  made from grapes used for making red wine, you can get some of those distinct dark and sweet flavors without the full intensity of it. Rose is also best served at slightly colder temperatures than red wine, making it perfectly refreshing and a great choice for a variety of dishes.

Grow the variety of your Rosé wine list to increase sales.

Don’t feel stuck with just choosing Rose from France. You should realistically have a variety of luxury and accessibly priced wines and sometimes that means branching out from what’s expected. The variety gives people the opportunity to pay what they want instead of only having select options at one price point. People who enjoy wine will be happy to pay extra for something special and people who are looking to try something new will feel less pressured with lower-priced wines. 

How Provi Can Help With Your Rosé Sales

Provi’s all-in-one inventory and ordering system allows you to restock your favorite wines and keep track of what’s in stock. You don’t have to balance several applications and communications to get the stock you need. With thousands of brands available in our catalog, you can easily try new stock and track how it’s selling without the hassle. If you’re interested in making your inventory and ordering process easier, make a free account with Provi today. You can complete your first order in as little as 5 minutes.

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