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The Atrium is Building a Disneyland for Content Creators

In an era where “content is king,” Terry Brantley, managing member of the Atrium, understands that providing a venue for the creation of that content is helping tap into a burgeoning and diverse customer base. For more than 25 years, the Atrium has catered to Atlanta’s entertainment community by hosting concerts, video shoots, film and television productions, fashion shows, weddings, as well as other private and special events. But now Brantley is taking things a step further.

For this Customer Spotlight, we had the chance to speak with Brantley about his fresh venue ideas, crafting a better customer experience and how Provi helps his business run smoother.

You call the Atrium a "Disneyland for content creators." Can you tell us some of the things your venue offers? 

We have so many of the production assets that content creators look for: high ceilings, large stages, lighting, sound and various sets throughout the building. It’s ideal for podcasts, video shoots, live-action shoots and more. In addition, we have a post-production suite for ADR [automated dialogue replacement] and Foley sound work. 

What made you want to evolve the Atrium into more of a content creator hub? 

In the 90s there were more aspiring musicians that saw the value of the large stages we had. That demand has begun to wane with the decline of live stage performances in the R&B and rap music scene as the music has become more superficial and less musical. However, as of late, in part because of the strong presence of the movie industry in Atlanta, we noticed a strong demand for more space for filming and those who grew out of the music scene are transitioning into production and content. I would say we simply are going with the flow of interests and growth from the creatives in Atlanta.

How does Provi help you provide a better customer experience? 

In our transition to a more diverse and somewhat eclectic customer base, we anticipate needing more variety in our product mix than the traditional concert and party beverage offerings. In order to manage more products, Provi enables us to see more available products, order those items we didn’t normally carry, and quickly add products that consumers may ask for without needing to research who carries it. 

Why did you decide to start a nonprofit extension of your work with the Brantley Foundation?

We operate in a diverse community with many unskilled young adults that have aspirations to be entertainment professionals. By providing real-world exposure to some of the careers and vocations that are required to operate our business, it seems obvious that we can help provide opportunities and teach the people in our area. Education has always been a part of what running a small business is about, so it’s all natural.

Can you tell us what's next for the Atrium? 

We are embarking on a campaign to attract funding to support our non-profit efforts and are also aiming to diversify our food service model, including virtual and outside dining experiences. We want to capture the content creator’s imagination and have them see us as the ultimate place to start a production company. 

Brent Gladney


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