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3 Georgia Alcohol Trends to Watch in 2020

  • by: Maggie Mahar
  • On: 18, Feb 2020
19 min read

We're always looking into what's next. What's the next big thing? The next hot beverage? The next most popular beer? It's good to be one step ahead. But here at Provi, we like to think we're ahead by two steps. 

2019 was a wild year for the beverage industry. We really enjoyed following the many various trends. But what we enjoyed even more? Being able to predict what's to come. And that's what this report is all about. In 2020, we foresee Georgian's seeking out more craft beer, quality cocktails and spiked, sparkling seltzers. (Sorry, hard seltzer isn't going anywhere, anytime soon). 

Today we take a look at our data from 2019 and use it to make predictions for the year ahead. The results might just shock you.

It’s Always Vodka-O’clock in Georgia

Spirits were the clear winner in Georgia during 2019. Not only did the segment hold the most market share, it also grew a healthy 9% YoY, suggesting beverage buyers and bartenders were slingin’ more spirits than they were in 2018. But what was driving this growth? Vodka.

Atlanta’s liquor of choice was most definitely Vodka. The spirit category held 25.23% market share in 2019, the most out of any other spirit category. Our take? We think you'll be seeing a lot more of the clear spirit in 2020. 

The Seltzer Bubble Isn’t Going to Burst… At least Not Anytime Soon

Speaking of seltzer—America’s fixation with all things fizzy is to blame for this next trend. For what it’s worth, Georgia has put its official stamp of approval on the bubbly beverage. In 2019 it was THE fastest growing beer style!

Just how fast did it grow, you ask? Well, hard seltzer saw growth in the quadruple digits. The style ended 2019 holding .28% share, and while that may seem minuscule, it’s actually a 4,726% growth from the year prior! Wow. *Slow claps*

Brands like White Claw, Truly and Bon & Viv dominated the market, propelling other brands to come out of the woodwork with spiked seltzers of their own! So, what does this mean for 2020 and beyond? Hard seltzer isn't going anywhere, anytime soon.

PSA to all bartenders: If you really want to take that case of White Claw or Bud Seltzer to the next level, trying concocting a hard seltzer cocktail using vodka. It's kind of revolutionary. 

Craft Beer is Still Boomin’

Market share of beer in Georgia took a -13% hit, dropping to 40.06% by 2019’s end. And while that may paint a negative picture for beer overall, it’s not all bad news. Take craft for instance. In 2019, craft was king in Georgia. It held 35.34% share of the beer segment.

And if we break it down by large craft, regional craft and local independent craft, we see regional and local is totally having a moment. Both saw double digit growth in 2019, suggesting that while beer share may be dropping, craft beer is still popping.

The Georgia craft beer scene is set to be even bigger in 2020. At least 20 new spots are confirmed to open this year! 

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