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Colorado has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the leading craft beer capitols in the country. With the sheer number of breweries popping up state-wide, it's no wonder competition has increased tenfold.  Today we dive into some of our data from 2019, where we analyze over 150 million servings of alcohol sold on Provi to on-premise bars and restaurants in the Denver-metro area.

While many small and medium-sized breweries may be feeling the pressure, the following five are on FIRE.

    5 Most Popular Craft Breweries in Colorado

5. Station 26 Brewing

Brewed in an old fire station in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver, Station 26 has quickly cemented its place within Colorado's craft beer scene. And while it may serve smoked beers, that has nothing to do with its location. Ever heard of a little beer called the 303 Lager? You can thank Station 26 for that. What about Juicy Banger IPA? Yup, that's theirs too. In 2019, the rapidly growing brewery held 8.41% share of the Colorado craft beer market. Even better, the brewery's market share increased 59% YoY, with one of their beers falling on our list of top selling products! 

4. Denver Beer Co.

Like most great breweries, Denver Beer Co. was born out of a garage. Founded on a passion for high quality, flavorfully crafted beverages, the brewery has made many popular beers such as Princess Yum Yum and Graham Cracker Porter. It's popularity continues to rise, and the numbers only support that. In 2019, it was the fourth-most popular brewery in Colorado, holding 13.22% share—a 222% growth from the year prior!

3. Left Hand Brewing Company

It all began in 1990. That’s when Left Hand’s founder, Dick Doore received his first homebrewing kit as a gift from his brother. The rest, as they say, is history. The popular craft brewery has held its momentum since then, touting a number of award-winning beers. Not only does it make our number three spot for most popular Colorado breweries, but it's also the third, fastest growing. In 2019, the brewery accounted for 13.67% share of the craft beer segment—a 128% growth when compared to the year prior! 

2. Ratio Beerworks

Touted as one of the best microbreweries in Denver, Ratio Beerworks whips up some of their top-sellers in a state of the art 20-barrel system. But it’s more than just their fancy equipment. Ratio Beerworks makes good beer. Period. And that’s why they’ve landed on our number two spot for most popular breweries in Colorado. In 2019, Ratio held a healthy 15.13% share. Even more, it was THE fastest growing brewery in Colorado, seeing 430% YoY growth from 2018 to 2019. Whatever you’re doing Ratio, keep it up!

1. Dry Dock Brewing

Since its inception in 2005, Dry Dock Brewing has won a bevy of accolades including some from the World Beer Cup and the Great American Beer Festival. As the first brewery to open in southeast Aurora, Colorado, Dry Dock quickly became a community craft staple. By 2013, the brewery nearly tripled its production, serving out popular hits such as Apricot Blonde Ale and Hop Abomination. By 2019’s end, the small but mighty brewery held 16.95% share of the craft beer segment, the most of any brewery. Not only that, but it saw 70% YoY growth! Congrats Dry Dock!

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