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Restaurant Tools for Managers: Essential Management Tools

We are no longer in the days of messy spreadsheets and handwritten records. The restaurant world has been transformed by the tech boom to provide us with a myriad of tools we can use to manage our everyday restaurant tasks. So much so, that it can be overwhelming to look at the number of options you have out there. Luckily we’ve broken down the essential management tools that you’ll find the most useful for your restaurant. You’ve probably already implemented a few of these already.

What are Restaurant Management Tools?

Restaurant management tools are applications or software you can use to help manage various parts of your restaurant. Your POS system, for example, is a restaurant management tool. Similar to being a skilled woodworker, you need to have good tools to create things without complication.

Types of Restaurant Management Tools

There are a variety of tools you can implement into your restaurant to make your life easier. Some of these tools will even integrate with one another, making it even easier to manage your restaurant.

Invoicing tools for restaurants.

Invoicing tools are like digital accountants. You can use invoicing tools to keep track of your monthly finances, bills, and other expenses you’ll incur as you run your restaurant. Some invoicing tools allow you to manage your business accounts through them too. Having invoicing tools is especially great for first-time restaurant owners who know little to nothing about accounting. 

Restaurant operations/reservations tools.

Time is money, so implementing tools that help manage your time as it relates to your restaurant can help you keep things running smoothly. Reservation tools can work parallel to your restaurant operations tools as well. If you notice an increase in reservations, you can adjust your labor according to that. Tracking your labor use in general is important to managing your profits as well. If you have too much or too little labor, your profits/service can suffer because of it.

Payment processing tools.

Payment processing usually happens through your POS system. Having a good POS system can help you track way more than just your sales at the end of the night. You can check and see what items you sold the most of, how many discounts of meal comps you’re averaging, and see your sales in real-time. 

Promotions/rewards programs.

Rewards program tools are used by a lot of major restaurant companies. It makes things easier to dispatch and connect promo codes, discounts, and points rewards if you have a tool to do it for you. You’ll be able to keep track of how many rewards you’ve sent out and how many customers have used them. This is especially important for keeping track of your profits.

Inventory management tools.

Inventory management systems help you keep track of your inventory without having to use spreadsheets or other old-school methods. The bonus of using technology is the ability to integrate inventory management into other things. With Provi, for example, you can not only track your inventory, but you can order beverages straight from the app as well. If you need to stock up your bar, you can easily look through thousands of your favorite brands to find exactly what you need without having to worry about cross-checking your inventory. If you’re interested in learning more about how Provi can help you manage your beverage inventory and ordering, create a free account today and have your first order done in as little as five minutes.

Why Restaurant Tools for Managers are so Important

Since the restaurant industry is so lucrative, it’s essential to stay on top of the latest advancements in restaurant management. Implementing technology is one big way to do that. Keeping up can feel overwhelming at times, but if you break down the essential technologies you need to run your restaurant smoothly, you’ll be able to maintain your restaurant’s longevity and integrity with no problem.

Ryan Philemon


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