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New Beer Releases: January 31st - February 7th

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Patio season isn't that far off, now. So get excited. Get VERY excited. Because this is one of our biggest beer release lists yet! We've got tons of new brews headed your way in the coming week. From a beer brewed with Trix cereal and Skittles, to a new milkshake sour IPA. The options are endless! By the way, if you'd like to be added to our beer releases list, click here. We'd love to feature you!


  • 1/31

    Wiley Roots A Visit From the Fruit Lady: Watermelon Kiwi

    cd527fe5fruited sour| Tbd ABV

    Smoothie style unpasteurized Fruited Sour with puréed Watermelon and Kiwi named after our beloved fruit lady, Alex Leedy.

    Available in 16oz 4 pack cans

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  • 1/31

    Wiley Roots A Visit From the Fruit Lady: Blueberry Lemon

    c1661129fruited sour| tbd ABV

    Smoothie style unpasteurized Fruited Sour with puréed Blueberries and Lemons named after our beloved fruit lady, Alex Leedy.

    Available in 16oz 4 pack cans

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  • 1/31

    Wiley Roots chocolate vanilla biscotti 

    51fdea4fimperial white stout|9% ABV

    Imperial White Stout brewed with cold brew Blue Mug Coffee, Chocolate, and Vanilla

    Available in 16oz 4 pack cans

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  • 1/31

    wiley roots 1320 ipa

    882975ebnew england ipa| 6.8% ABV

    New England style IPA brewed with Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops

    Available in 16oz 4 pack cans

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  • 1/31

    wiley roots raspberry & chocolate county fair cobbler

    8d96925fmilkshake sour ipa| 7% ABV

    If a 14er had flavor, it would taste like this. Simple, clean and crisp with supporting bitterness that balances the effort with the victory. A Cologne classic German ale, brewed with our friends at Bierstadt Lagerhaus. Pleasant spicy subtle hop aroma meets dry, clean Pilsner malt character. 4.9% abv

    Available in 16oz 4 pack cans

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  •  2/1

     off color coffee dino s'mores 2020


    imperial stout | 10.5% ABV

    Chocolate mousse, marshmallow creme, and rich, dark malts meld with bright notes of raspberry and a undercurrent of blueberry jam from this year’s coffee addition. A long, slow extraction using a Kyoto drip method accentuates the vivacious fruits, sugary body, and floral character of this phenomenal small batch lot without over extracting acidity.

    Available in  cans

  • 2/1  

    granite city carnaval  

    Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 10.58.24 AM

    Brazilian Amburana Aged Stout | 5.2% ABV

    Our most innovative seasonal beer to tap yet… Carnaval! Take a break from the mundane and experience sweet and savory flavors like gingerbread, chocolate spice, molasses, coffee and vanilla. This Brazilian Amburana Aged Stout has been aged in a wood commonly associated with the aging of a Brazilian spirit, Cachaca, a sugarcane spirit like rum. Be one of the first to get a taste of Carnaval, you won’t want to miss these flavors and this festive tapping event!


    Available on draft


  • 2/1

    hopewell apropos


    Dry Hopped Apricot Wild Ale | 11% ABV 

    We took 2019's Huracan Imperial Stout and aged it for five months in Jamaican rum barrels. Did we mention these barrels previously aged maple syrup in New England, too?

    Available in 750mL bottles

  • 2/1

    dogfish head bats & Homemade tats


    Barrel-aged sour with hibiscus and currants | 6.4% ABV

    Brewed from a blend of locally-grown and malted Violetta barley, spelt and einkorn, Knuckles, Bats & Homemade Tats was open-fermented with a mixed yeast and bacterial cultures from both The Veil and Dogfish Head. The beer was then transferred to French oak chardonnay barrels, where it aged for 18 months on extravagant quantities of hibiscus, and red, white and blue currants. Bottle-conditioned for a bright and effervescent carbonation, Knuckles, Bats & Homemade Tats is chock full of tart, funky notes of cranberry, cherry, raspberry, watermelon and hibiscus.

    Available in 375mL bottles


  • 2/4

    main beer king titus


    porter | 7.5% ABV

    Titus was a wonderful, bold silverback gorilla who led with his heart. The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund studies and protects these magnificent animals on the Virunga volcano mountain range in Rwanda. Maine Beer Company proudly supports their efforts.

    Available in bottles


  • 2/4

    The Bruery wee so heavy


    Scotch-style wee heavy ale | 13% ABV

    Wee know a few things about Wee Heavy ales, and this February, we're introducing a new favorite in collaboration with our friends at @copperandkings. While we love their Apple Brandy barrels, which we've used in previous releases like Apfelsap, we had a chance this time to play with their standard Brandy barrels used to age our Wee Heavy ale for about two years. Wee So Heavy is full-bodied, malt-forward on the nose lending perfectly to highlight the nuanced notes of brandy and flavors of caramel, toffee, and oak from these special Copper and Kings Brandy barrels.

    Available in pints


  • 2/7

    pontoon rainbow smiggles


    Berliner Weisse | 5.2% ABV

    Rainbow Smiggles Berliner Weisse is a bold take on Pontoon Brewing’s classic sour recipe featuring Skittles, Trix Cereal, strawberries, pineapple, vanilla and lactose. The Skittles and Trix are brought to light with addition of strawberries to give it a fresh fruity taste as well as pineapples to brighten it with some acidity. The two fruits together give a striking similarity to the taste of skittles which further enhances the flavors. Not to mention, fans of the cartoon Rick and Morty will enjoy the label art Pontoon created for this beer!

    Available in 12oz cans


  • TBD

    dogfish head vibrant p'ocean


    sour | 4.7% ABV

    Inspired by the ocean that connects us, Vibrant P’Ocean is a complex, ruby-colored ale with tart, dry flavors of jammy berries and floral lemon. To create this trans-oceanic potion, we carefully combined two unique base beers – one developed by Rodenbach and the other by our brewers here in Milton.

    Rodenbach’s portion – a two-year, foeder-aged sour from its legendary, standing oak casks – was brewed in Belgium before making its 3,400-mile (or 1,000-nautical league) voyage to Delaware.

    From there, it was blended with our portion – a kettle sour brewed with pilsner malt, malted wheat, elderberry, elderflower, sliced lemons and Belgian fleur-de-sel.

    Available on draft


  • TBD

    stone brewing viking space probe


    double ipa| 8.5% ABV

     The 8.5% ABV beer boldly goes where no hazy brew has gone before with an unchartered combination of hops and Belgian Candi Sugar that earns it a spot among the ranks of Stone’s genre-defying creations. Stone Viking Space Probe Double IPA is dark gold with a subtle haze like that of a far-off nebula. Pineapple, peach, lychee, watermelon, papaya and even marshmallow can be found in the aroma. Ella and Citra hops impart flavors of tropical fruit, notably pineapple, peach, papaya and sweet guava, along with a hint of lime zest. It’s creamy and smooth with warmth on the finish.

    Available in cans


  • 2/3

    pipeworks select Schwarzbier


    dark lager | 6.3% ABV

    Select Schwarzbier is back by popular demand! We've dubbed it "select" after the careful malt selection process that went into this beer! This lager spends weeks and weeks in tanks until it's clean and a perfect showcase for the dark chocolate and coffee notes from the malts. The roasted malts are beautifully balanced with the delicate lager yeast character. Somehow this beer is refreshing and cozy all at once.

    Available in 16oz 4 pack cans



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