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Media for Restaurants: Instagram Post Ideas

Social media is a big part of your marketing puzzle in the modern era. Unless you’re a well-established restaurant already, attracting business with traditional marketing methods alone can be difficult. Creating a fun, engaging social media campaign can help you elevate your restaurant’s visibility and bring in new customers, but it can feel overwhelming to know where to start. Let’s go over some proven methods that’ll boost sales and visibility for your restaurant.

Restaurant Instagram Post Ideas to Boost Your Media Presence 

Instagram is one of the best platforms to market your restaurant on. From its’ inception, Instagram has been well-known for food pics and, in recent years, a hot spot for influencers to recommend their favorite places to eat. Getting good engagement on Instagram is a great place to start gaining visibility as a business.

Partner with other brands/restaurants for new events/products. 

Looking at the other businesses local to you can be a great way to connect and promote together. You could partner with a local coffee shop, for example, and create a promotional item on your menu for a limited time. This works especially well when partnering with businesses that already have strong Instagram engagement. Since you’ll be partnering together, the posts and content about your partnership will be broadcast to their customer base. 

Create Instagram post competitions/giveaways for your restaurant using hashtags.

Giving people the chance to win something is a great way to promote attention and engagement. You can hold a contest to name a new flavor of ice cream or hold a digital raffle with free meals for a year. If you create specific hashtags for your contest, you can create a buzz by having those interested in your contest or giveaway share it.  Contest rules like making sure someone is following you and likes a specific post in order to be able to win can help boost your followers and regular engagement as well. 

Use story polls to engage with your restaurant customer base.

Stories are more widely used than actual posts and you should post on them fairly often. You can encourage people to engage with your stories by using polls like asking what your guest’s favorite dishes are. Anything that gets people to engage with your content can drive up your visibility, so don’t forget to utilize things like polls or questions to get attention to your restaurant.

Create influencer content for your restaurant.

Collaborating with influencers or creating your own influencer content is starting to become a popular way to advertise restaurants. You might’ve seen a video showing someone making a really good burrito or funny meme videos from a business’s account. Instagram allows you to do this through Reels you can have posted to your account. They’re basically just short videos, similar to TikToks. These Reels can show up on other peoples’ feeds through the Reels algorithm based on things they already like or where they’re geographically located. This can be a great way to attract new engagement and get the word out about your restaurant to people who might not know who you are yet.

Post how-to cooking tutorials. 

Everyone loves taking a look behind the scenes. You can show people how to maple simplified versions of the cuisine you serve at home. The educational aspect of these videos shows your professionalism and knowledge when it comes to what you make. Don’t tell them all your secrets though! 

Other Social Media Restaurants Can Engage in

You don’t have to (and honestly shouldn’t) limit yourself to Instagram only. Spreading out your social media platforms increases your visibility and allows you to be found by more people. Some other social media platforms you can use are:

  • Youtube. These days, Youtube has become a platform for more curated content. If you want to do more in-depth “how it’s made” videos, talk about the history of the cuisine you make, or any longer videos, Youtube is perfect for you. Youtube also has their own version of Reels called Youtube Shorts where you can make condensed videos just like you would on Instagram or TikTok. It is a little more difficult to get started, however. If you already have an established platform on other social media, you’d have to promote your videos there to get high levels of engagement.
  • TikTok. TikTok is a popular platform as it’s currently been deemed one of the easiest to go viral on. Making short, interesting videos can get you lots of engagement. If you’re tech-savvy and pay attention to current memes, you might be able to make a hit video with thousands or even millions of views without even trying. TikTok is pretty fickle, however. Although it’s easiest to navigate the algorithm 

As long as you’re not focusing too heavily on one platform, there’s no wrong way to market yourself via social media. You might find you have a niche audience on TikTok, or your Instagram is becoming really popular. No matter what it is, getting yourself out on the internet is always a good idea.

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