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10 Top-Selling Bourbon Brands on Provi

Fall has officially arrived and whiskey sales are booming. Whiskey is now the largest category of liquor on Provi with 24.9% share of the product type. What subcategory of whiskey is most in demand? It's none other than America's sweetheart, bourbon whiskey.

Bourbon has always been a best seller but the subcategory's popularity means that it is always evolving. The addition of new skus on a regular basis and seasonality of the style makes it more important than ever to stay on top of the latest trends.

So pull up a stool and dive into Provi sales data to discover the top-selling bourbons and the trending bourbon brands in bars and restaurants across the country.

Whiskey Subcategories by Market Share

Top-Selling Bourbon Brands

Bourbon Brands on the Rise


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Ryan Philemon


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