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Serve & Sip with Class: 5 Brandy Brands to Add to Your Beverage Program

Is brandy a more potent and sophisticated wine? We'll let you be the judge of that, but there's no denying brandy's class in the echelon of fine spirits. As comfortable in a cocktail as it is served neat, the varieties of brandy can bring something... more to your beverage program. We've compiled a short list of 5 of Provi's top-selling brandy brands you should think about adding to your beverage program so you can serve up some class at your establishment.

brandy genericMetaxa 7 Star

If Dionysus could've gotten his hands on a bottle of this, we bet he would've been pleased. Produced in Greece, this brandy gives off a sweet scent of peaches and prunes, evolving into fruits and toffee on the palate. With distillates at least 7 years old, this spirit holds as rich a taste as it does color.

Aqua Perfecta Basil Eau de Vie

If you've studied up on your French, then you know this bottle from St. George Spirits translates to "Water of Life." It's typically associated with the bottles of brandy that are the colorless fruit variety, but master distiller Lance Winters gives the phrase new strength with this bold spirit. The brandy gives a sweet and fresh vegetal taste on the palate, leaving bright anise notes to waft in your nose.

E&J The Original VS

There's absolutely no shame in adding a $15 bottle of brandy to your beverage program. E&J's "The Original" is called that for a reason. America's most popular brandy brand, this spirit hits all the great notes of brown spice and vanilla, giving a smooth and sweet flavor.

Korbel California 12 Year Brandy

With a dozen years of oak barrel aging under its belt, this west coast brandy earns its distinction as being an ultra premium spirit. The charred and slow barrel aging process gives the liquor its golden color and elegant flavor, making it a perfect middle-ground brandy to add to your program.


We're veering off script just slightly to introduce this cognac into the mix. D'Usse was born in 2012 and is now co-owned by none other than Shawn "JAY-Z" Carter. But don't fall into the trap that celebrity endorsement means this can't be a premium spirit.  Aged for at least 4 1/2 years, this bold drink gives woody and cinnamon notes with almond and honey undertones of taste.

Browse Provi's Brandy selection today to add these brandy brands and more to your beverage program.

Brent Gladney


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