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Bartender Measuring Tools Explained

As with any trade, having the right tools yield the best results. Considered something akin to an art form, bartending has been largely regarded as a somewhat serious profession since the 19th century. This consideration coupled with the growing popularity of the craft ushered in a new demand for tools and methods to make the perfect drink every time. We’re going to go over the importance of bartending tools and what said tools do to enhance the drink-making experience. 

The Importance of a Measured Bartender

Consistency is, of course, an important aspect of bartending. You want to make sure you’ve got your recipe down right, but missteps in pouring can create financial problems in the long run as well. We spoke on this in-depth with our guide on how to conduct a bartender pour test, a form of auditing you can do to gauge how your bartenders are free-pouring liquor for drinks. One of the tools we’ll talk about below helps with precise measuring in this case.

While it may seem like a small thing, bartenders that overpour consistently can cause you to lose money from unaccounted liquor. Basically, your bartenders could be free-pouring your profits away in the form of free alcohol. As a business, it’s essential to keep tabs on where you might be hemorrhaging money before it’s too late. Bars and restaurants are the most at-risk of going under and you should try your best to keep these situations under control.

The Essential Bar Measuring Tools

There are a few basic tools on here you’re likely already familiar with if you’ve ever been to a bar. Each has an essential purpose for crafting the best cocktails consistently which is especially important if you work at a busy bar.


Bringing jiggers behind the bar is the perfect way to prevent over-pouring. Modern jiggers come in many size options, but the classic and most widely used jiggers have a large side that measures 1.5oz and a smaller side that measures 1oz. The purpose of a jigger is to pour spirits quickly to get an accurate measurement every single time without having to guess with a free-pour. You can reduce mistakes and hiccups in service this way and customers can expect their drink to be made the same every single time they come in.


Proper training and mental headspace is another important tool of the measured bartender. Bartenders should be trained to not only accept interruptions and a bit of chaos as part of the job but fully embrace and expect it. For the green bartender, it can feel overwhelming at first when balancing multiple things at once, but reminding bartenders to keep a positive attitude and take things with stride will keep your ship sailing smoothly. This type of training is one-half experience and learning on the job and the other is how the work environment sets you up for success. Learning to laugh off customer complaints and stay focused so as to not mess up drinks is an art form in itself.

Bar spoon. 

The bar spoon is a classic bartending tool used for a variety of tasks. It’s a long spoon with a spiraled handle. You can use it to stir drinks, grab garnish, and remove excess ice cubes from a drink. Stirring a drink is gentler than shaking one and does, in fact, affect the flavor due to the lack of air incorporation you’d get from shaking. One of the coolest uses for a bar spoon is to pour a carbonated beverage down its’ spiral, preventing it from fizzing over. You can also pour spirits and other ingredients down the spiral to give a drink a layering effect.

Properly sized glassware.

Wine and beer especially require specific glassware for proper temperature management. The reason a traditional wine glass typically has a stem is to maintain a certain drinking temperature while avoiding heat transfer from the glass being held. The same goes for both beer glasses and cocktail glasses. Having proper glassware is yet another way bartenders can help perfect their drink-making skills and ensure customers get the same quality of service every time.


How Provi Can Help!

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