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Announcing Provi — the New Tiz


Ever wonder what the name “Tiz” means? So did we. It turns out that it doesn’t really mean anything. Just an easy to remember, three letter word. Epic story, right?


After a successful year, we thought it was time for a change- a name change to be exact. We wanted a name that reflected our mission of making it easier to order, supply and market alcohol. A name representative of all users from every level of the three-tiered system.

So, to make sure that our product is as badass as our mission, we’ve decided to rebrand Tiz to Provi, short for provisions.

1. Supply with food, drink, or equipment, especially for a journey.

We are grateful for your support and look forward to supplying you with booze while you join us on our journey.


All of your account information, login credentials, and order history has not been affected by this change. Everything is exactly as you left it.

Bookmark our new app domain
and access your account at:




Ryan Philemon


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