Provi Pulse — The Rise of the Conscious Consumer

This edition of the Provi Pulse Report focuses on everything from no- and low-ABV drinks to organic production, diversity and inclusion to environmental sustainability practices. The industry is changing and evolving for the better, and we’re here for it!

But before you head over to view the report, take a look at these data highlights propelled by conscious consumers.

  • Consumers in their early 20s drink 20% less per capita than millennials did at the same age
  • 64% of Gen Z expects to drink alcohol less frequently as they age vs. Millennials and Gen X
  • $10B — the value of the no- and low-alcohol category according to IWSR

Check out the report and get data insights on non-alcoholic beer, wine and zero-proof spirits.

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What's inside the report

As a group of analytics enthusiasts working with the fastest-growing B2B marketplace in the beverage alcohol industry, we've scoured the treasure trove of Provi data to bring you these insights. The insights in this report are based on Provi sales data from Q3 2022. The dataset is compiled from approximately 10% of the on- and off-premise across multiple markets in the US.
Here are a few highlights:

  • No- & Low-ABV Brands Aren’t Just for Teetotalers — They’re One of the Fastest-Growing Subcategories in the Industry
  • Sustainability is a defining element of the conscious consumer and brands have taken notice
  • Organic products are top of mind for brands and consumers, too
  • Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of the conscious consumer’s purchase decision

The Latest Trends in Non-Alcoholic Beer, Wine and Zero-Proof Spirits

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