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Where Do My Ads Show?

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A detailed dive into all the biddable ad placements on Provi’s marketplace and where they appear throughout. 

Sponsored Product Ads

A Sponsored Product Ad is a type of ad on the Provi marketplace used to promote relevant products to buyers based on search and browsing behavior.  On Provi, there are two types of sponsored product ads: search & category. 

Sponsored search ads appear on relevant search result pages. In list view, the promoted product tiles will appear in one of six staggered spots (1,2,7,8,9,10). In grid view, the promoted product tiles will appear as one of the first 6 products when a buyer searches for a relevant keyword. 

For example, a beverage alcohol supplier wanting to advertise their craft IPA beer on Provi can use a sponsored search ad so that when trade buyers search for ‘craft beer’ or ‘IPA’, their product could appear as one of the first products in the search results (denoted as “sponsored”).

Screenshot_Sponsored Search Products

Sponsored category ads appear on eligible Category and Subcategory pages, and Product Detail Page (PDP) carousels (category best sellers, distributor best sellers).

For example, a sponsored category placement ensures a supplier’s tequila product will appear in one of the top placements if it’s one of the top six bidders when a trade buyer clicks on the tequila subcategory page in the navigation bar. 

Screenshot_Sponsored Category Products

If a buyer on Provi clicks on a sponsored product ad, the supplier is charged a fee. A fee is ONLY charged if the ad is clicked. 

Provi uses a cost-per-click (CPC) payment model which means when buyers click on the supplier’s ad, the supplier is charged a fee. How much is charged depends on the result of the auction our system runs each time a placement is displayed to a buyer — but they’ll never be charged more than the maximum bid set.

All sponsored product placements lead to a Product Detail Page.

Display Banner Placements

Biddable display banners drive brand awareness by placing a supplier's banner ad on relevant pages. 

Types of biddable display banner placements:

Search: Search banner ads appear on relevant search results pages, providing the opportunity to align custom creative to a set of keywords.

Example — a display banner that appears when a user searches the term “whiskey.”

Screenshot_Search Banner

Category: Biddable display category banner ads appear on eligible Categories, Subcategories, Product Types, Countries, Regions, Appellations, and Tagged pages.  

Example — a display banner that appears when a user clicks on a Subcategory Product Type in the navigation bar.

Screenshot_Category Banne

Biddable display banners are changed on a cost-per-impression (CPI) basis. When setting up a campaign, a supplier should choose the maximum they’re willing to pay for an impression, with the minimum bid being $0.55. 

All banner ads always lead to an Ad Destination Page (ADP), such as a Brand Family Page, or a Product Detail Page. 


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