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New Beer Releases February 2019

February Beer Releases-1

The polar vortex chill persists, and so too does beer consumption. While our hibernations continue, take comfort in knowing that it won’t be for long (…point fingers at the groundhog if that’s wrong). So embrace the cold, cozy up with your valentine (yes, beer is a valentine) and read on. These releases showcase something all craft consumers can appreciate; variety.




Cascade Brewing Brunch Line

Brand: Cascade

Style: Blonde Ale

Availability: Seasonal

A mimosa-inspired blend of sour blond and wheat ales aged in oak barrels with Chardonnay grapes and fresh orange zest.



Woodchuck Tank Series Belgian White

Brand: Woodchuck Cidery

Style: Cider

ABV: 5.5%

Package Size: 4/6 Cans

Availability: Seasonal

Crafted with a classic Belgian beer yeast, cloudy with a rich, golden huge, it presents a delicate aroma and taste, with coriander and orange notes.




Blake’s Cider Great Blakes

Brand: Blakes Cider

Style: Cider

ABV: 6.5%

Package Size: 4/6 Cans, 1/6bbl

Availability: Year Round

Great Blakes is steeped with sustainably-sourced coffee grounds from our friends at Great Lakes Coffee, resulting in bold flavor & a smooth finish.

Made in support of organizations working to protect and preserve the Great Lakes, this semi-sweet was crafted with passion for the Kinder Cider Series.




Sweetwater’s Peach Love & Happiness

Brand: Sweetwater

Style: Berliner Weisse with Peach

ABV: 4.7%

Package Size: 12 oz cans, 12 oz bottles, draft

Availability: Seasonal

Life is worth living, dreams are worth sharing, friends are worth celebrating, and happiness is worth treasuring. Peach, Love, and Happiness brings color with ripe local peaches in this golden effervescent and tastily tart Berliner Weisse.




Goose Island’s Natural Villain

Brand: Goose Island

Style: Garage-Style Lager

ABV: 4.7%

Package Size: Case 4/6, Case 2/15/12, ½ bbl

Availability: Year Round

The perfect beer to drink in your garage, your front porch, and any music festival. Whether you’re in a garage or not, the lightly bready qualities of this golden lager are balanced by a mild hop character that is simply refreshing.




Goose Island’s Dry Hopped 312

Brand: Goose Island

Style: Dry Hopped Urban Wheat Ale

ABV: 4.2%

Package Size: Case 2/12

Availability: Year Round

Goose Island’s Brewmaster got the notion to put some fresh hops into a pint of 312. He liked it so much that he felt it needed to be introduced to Chicago. 312 Dry-Hopped has all of the lemony, doughy notes loved in 312 with extra brightness from dry-hopping. Drink it fresh.





Sierra Nevada’s Brut IPA

Brand: Sierra Nevada

Style: Brut IPA

ABV: 6.2%

Package Size: 12 oz bottles

Availability: Seasonal

The Brut’s roots are in San Francisco, but it didn’t take long for this unique style to sweep across the nation. Luckily for you, Sierra Nevada, an OG of hoppy beers, put their expertise into crafting one. This new take on IPA is brewed for a bone dry champagne-style finish. Late hop additions give the beer balanced bitterness and a bright pop of citrus flavor. It’s as intriguing as it is drinkable.


Ryan Philemon


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