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We’re on a mission to better connect each tier of the alcohol beverage industry.

Here at Provi, we believe that libations bring people together. It was that belief that laid down the foundation of our mission—to connect every tier of the alcohol industry. We live to provide you with a better way to communicate and do business.


With Provi, everyone in the beverage business has the ability to thrive in this ever-evolving landscape!

Our eCommerce marketplace provides a sense of transparency into the entire alcohol beverage supply chain. From suppliers to distributors to bars and retailers, we aim to help you better serve your customers. In other words, we support you, so you can better support them.


Our leadership team comes from diverse backgrounds in technology and beverage to build a product that empowers every tier of the alcohol industry.

Taylor Katzman

Founder & CEO

Favorite Drink: Negroni

Ryan Indovina

SVP of Operations

Favorite Drink: Root Beer

Tyler Jennings


Favorite Drink: Old Fashioned

Max Lowenbaum

SVP of Sales

Favorite Drink: Tequila

Ashley Phillips

SVP of Product

Favorite Drink: Gin Gimlet

Andrew Levy

SVP of Strategic Partnerships

Favorite Drink: Chelada

Benno Nelson

SVP of Growth

Favorite Drink: Extra Strong Coffee

Erica Golden

SVP of People

Favorite Drink: Kentucky Mule

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