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How regional and market-specific demand influenced buying behavior in the Provi marketplace in Q1 2023

Across the drinks industry, shifts in consumer demand are in constant flux. The evolution in consumers’ tastes also influences how on- and off-premise retail buyers purchase inventory for their businesses. While nationwide shifts are well-documented — like the stellar growth of Tequila or the rise in non-alcoholic beverages — the changes in consumer behavior are less known at the regional and market (city) levels. This report aims to provide insights into the B2B beverage alcohol marketplace, analyzing trends across beer, wine and spirits across select regions and markets in the United States. 
Here's what's inside the report:
  • Share analysis by category: Shifting consumer behavior is driving huge fluctuations in market share for Beer and Hard Seltzer, Wine, and Spirits categories.
  • Top categories and brands: Insightful numbers from top performers across high-growth industry categories.
  • Regional and market-specific insights: The top brands and subcategories by region and across select markets nationwide.