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Bar and Restaurant Marketing Guide 101

When, Where and How to Leverage Digital and Traditional Marketing Tools and Strategies That Drive Business Through Your Doors

This guide aims to provide bar, restaurant and retail workers, like you, with everything needed to plan and execute successful marketing campaigns. This guide covers everything from why marketing is necessary in the first place, to the role branding has in a business's success, to SEO and marketing strategies that drive business through your doors.

Why is Restaurant Marketing Necessary?

In today’s world, bars, restaurants and retail shops get found online before ever stepping in the door. The path for how consumers land on your website comes from strategies and tactics outlined in this guide. For businesses like yours to attract new customers, convince them to return and establish a seamless brand experience, it requires a robust and well-oiled marketing strategy and plan. While there are many moving parts to operating a bar, restaurant or retail business, marketing is one of the (if not the most) important pieces to the puzzle. But what are the benefits?

Marketing has many benefits, the most obvious of which is driving online visitors and foot traffic to your place of business. But there are tons of other benefits to integrating marketing efforts into your daily operations. These include:

  • Fosters customer retention and lifetime loyalty
  • Attracts talented bar and restaurant workers
  • Delivers your bar or restaurant’s mission, vision, and purpose to consumers
  • Drives brand awareness and exposes your business to new audiences and markets
  • Builds connections within your local hospitality community
  • Opens lines of communication for business partnerships and collaborations
  • Facilitates new opportunities with suppliers and distributors

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Corey Hines

Career bartender turned Content Marketing Manager at Provi, covering all things beer, wine and spirits.


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