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State of 2024

Bar, Restaurant and Retail Marketing Calendar 2023

The new year presents new opportunities for bars and restaurants to revisit and enhance their marketing operations. As quickly as technology shifts, operators need to leverage the latest tools and technologies to boost brand awareness and drive more guests through their doors.

This guide provides a downloadable annual calendar of popular holidays and seasons throughout the year along with suggested timelines for running marketing campaigns. Use this guide to plan paid advertising campaigns across digital or traditional marketing channels, as a framework for posting social media content or for scheduling marketing email campaigns. Additionally, we’ve dropped in resources from Provi’s blog, The Craft to help you along the way. 

Why Promoting Bar Events and Offerings Is Important

Many of today’s marketing efforts for bars and restaurants revolve around holidays and cultural events. Take Valentine’s Day for example. It’s one of the busiest nights for food and beverage businesses as couples flock to reserve a table for a romantic dinner and wine. How can your business ensure every seat is booked for the evening? It takes intentional marketing efforts that leverage each digital and traditional tool a business has available. When and how you promote your business, however, is key to finding success. 

How to Get Started: Bar & Restaurant Marketing Tips 

Great marketing can deliver serious results that grow your business. How guests discover your bar or restaurant to how they become loyal, repeat customers takes careful planning, investment in marketing tools and services, and consistent touch points that nurture them to visit your bar or restaurant. Discover various resources below to optimize your marketing efforts this year!

Looking to enhance your marketing plan? Download Provi’s guide to writing a bar, restaurant or retail shop marketing plan

How it works

Fill out the form above to access a PDF of the bar & restaurant marketing calendar for 2023. Here you’ll find annual holidays, seasonal themes, major events and national days for bars and restaurants to plan promotional campaigns around. The calendar is sectioned into economic quarters and calendar months. Each holiday, theme, event or day contains suggested marketing timelines so your business can plan and execute campaigns that maximize return. Additionally, we’ve included a link to an excel sheet in the PDF that you can download and customize to your business needs.