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Most Popular Beer and Spirit Brands in February

  • by: Ryan Philemon
  • On: 6, Aug 2018
35 min read

March has officially arrived and we’re finally giving winter a swift kick as we look ahead to brighter days. In this report we set out to reveal the most popular products in bars and retail establishments. Our monthly series is a part of our initiative to better understand micro-trends in the beverage alcohol trade. 

In this report you will discover the most popular beer and spirit brands, along with trending beverage categories and top products.

The following report analyzes data collected from Provi users in the month of February of 2018. These users represent hundreds bars, restaurants and retail establishments in Illinois. Percentages represent engagement metrics that include events like page views, searches and add-to-cart actions.


Top Alcohol Categories

Spirits take the lead in February

Spirit’s barely beat out beer sales in the month of February. With a difference of only 1 percent, we wanted to focus on these two categories for the report.



Top Beer Suppliers

Anheuser-Busch InBev lives at the top

 There’s a lot of talk around industry heavy-weights like Anheuser-Busch (AB) and MillerCoors losing ground. Our reporting continually paints a different picture. While the two titans remain the top manufacturers, AB remains on top in February.



Top Beers

Industry behemoths go head-to-head

It’s a tight race between Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors. Bud Light only beat out Miller Light by a fraction of a percent this February— closely followed by Coors Light.



Most Popular Ale Categories

IPAs and Pale Ales remain king 

As we saw in our Chicago’s Most Popular Beer Report from Q4 of 2017, IPA’s and Pale Ales continue their popularity through the new year. We will focus on these two product categories in the next two sections of our most popular beer and spirit report.



Top American Pale Ales

Daisy Cutter is crushing it

Half Acre’s Daisy Cutter knocked it out of the park this February— outperforming other top products in the American Pale Ale (APA) category three times over. Similar to last years report, 3 Floyds’ products remain a crowd favorite among APA drinkers.




Most Popular Spirit Categories

Whiskey, the winter staple

Whiskey interest amounts to more than liqueur and tequila combined in February this year. Vodka drops to fourth place, narrowly falling behind tequila— a trend to keep an eye on this summer. Gin and rum continue to lose popularity.



Top Whiskey/Bourbon Products

Jameson was the preferred winter warmer

If you live in the Midwest, its more than likely that Jameson flows through your veins. It comes as no surprise that Jameson remains a top favorite in the bourbon and whiskey category.




Top Liqueurs

Craft cocktails are alive and well

Liqueur popularity hints at a thriving craft cocktail market. St. Germain Elderflower and Chartreuse Green were the top liqueur contenders this February.



Most Popular Tequila

Patron Silver continues its reign

Last year, the world went crazy for Casamigos Tequila— preluding to a possible market takeover from Patron Silver. It looks as if we will have to wait until the Summer months to see the impact of Casamigos popularity.



Most Popular Vodka

Tito’s continues to thrive

With almost double the popularity of Grey Goose in the month of February, Tito’s Vodka continues on its path to taking over the world. Even though vodka’s popularity was down overall last month, Tito’s outshines its competitors.





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