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The Craft

The ultimate resource for alcohol beverage news, trends and reports for bars, distributors and suppliers.


Guest Posting Guidelines

Do you have an original idea or story you’d like to pitch to us? If so, we would love to hear about it! Please review our guidelines before submitting and thank you for your interest. Cheers!

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About The Craft from Provi

The Craft is the ultimate resource for alcohol beverage news, trends and reports… with a twist. Our content speaks to and for beverage industry professionals within all tiers of the alcohol distribution system. 

What We're Looking For

  • Content must speak to our audience of beverage industry professionals. Think Distributors, Sales Reps, Beverage Brands, Bars, Restaurants, Liquor Stores, etc.
  • Have a unique perspective. Be bold, interesting and human
  • Fluent, readable and error-free
  • If you choose to write about a previously covered topic, it’s from a unique and fresh perspective

Topics We Accept

If you don’t see a specific topic below, we still want to hear from you!

  • Beverage Industry Trends & Insights
  • Bar and Restaurant Management
  • Marketing Tips for Beverage Industry Professionals
  • Guides & How-To’s
  • Profitability 
  • Sales Tips 
  • Branding
  • Business Growth
  • Anything timely in relation to the beverage industry

Our Greatest Hits

To give you more of an idea, here’s some of our favorite pieces of content:

The Must-Haves

  • The article must be no fewer than 800 words and no more than 1800
  • Content must contain actionable insight and/or educational information 
  • Provide high-quality visual assets to accompany your piece.
    • Must be no smaller than 600 x 400 px (jpg or png) and landscape
  • Submitted as a Word document (.doc or .docx) or a Google Doc
  • Contains hyperlinked citations to credible sources
  • Makes a clear argument

What We are NOT Looking For: 

  • Anything promoting third-party businesses or organizations
  • Anything offensive or inaccurate 
  • Anything irrelevant to the beverage industry
  • Blatant disregard for our guidelines
  • No PDF’s, please

Next Steps:

  • We reserve the right to reject, edit and/or adapt your content as we see fit, and update it in the future for accuracy and comprehensiveness
  • If we are interested in your pitch, we will respond to you via email about next steps
  • Publish date will be determined based on the needs of our editorial calendar

Ready to Pitch?

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