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Whether a bar owner is trying to put together a list of wines for their bar’s grand opening or refresh their offerings to hone in on their customers’ likes, you'll need the right products. According to sommeliers, there are some types of wine that every business needs to have available for their customers if they have any hope of experiencing high sales volume.

So without further adieu, here is a round up of the top 5 most popular wines and why they belong in your bar, according to sommeliers. 

How to Properly Price Wine


wine to stock your bar with

#1 Most Popular: Sauvignon Blanc

As the name suggests, this is another white wine, but it is completely different from Moscato. Unlike the sweet and fruity flavor that many whites tend to have, the Sauvignon Blanc has a dry taste and earthy, herby flavors. If your bar serves any kind of food, even appetizers, then this wine is versatile enough to complement most dishes.

Why It Belongs in Your Bar

As we’ve already said, this wine has more of an earthy taste to it, and that makes it great for bars that serve appetizers like fish and chips. This is a very popular wine that is gaining more notice in the world of wine drinkers every year. This wine also packs a little more of a punch in the area of alcohol content, typically hovering around 14%. It tends to be relatively inexpensive, but more than enough that you can make a profit on selling it by the glass.

#2 Most Popular: Merlot

While some people might opt for a more robust red in their bar, the Merlot is firmly medium-bodied, so it will not isolate anyone that wants a stronger flavor and ABV. Merlot comes with rich flavors such as cherry, chocolate, plum, and vanilla. While it is good to serve this wine with food because of its potency, this wine does equally well alone in the hands of people that enjoy drinking wines.

Why It Belongs in Your Bar

You will want to keep Merlot stocked in your bar for one simple reason: wine connoisseurs. Merlot has a rather complex flavor profile for a well-loved wine, and that means it is completely reasonable to stock this to offer something to the people that come to your bar with friends and want to maintain their wine-drinking standards. Also, Merlot can go up to 15% ABV, so that makes it a nice, strong option for people that are looking to keep up with their friends that are drinking other forms of alcohol.


popular wines every restaurant needs

#3 Most Popular: Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a red wine that is made from the Vitis vinifera species of grapes, and it is insanely popular with people that enjoy wines. This product is served alone and with food, making it something that every bar will want to stock. The taste profile includes rich fruit flavors like cherry and raspberry, but it can also include herb flavors like hibiscus clove.

Why It Belongs in Your Bar

According to the experts, you will want to stock some Pinot Noir in your bar for many reasons including its light to medium body and its popularity as red wine. The ABV is reasonable, topping out at 13.5% most of the time, so it is potent enough for most people to enjoy it for the feeling if not the flavor. The bottom line is that the sheer variety of Pinot Noir offerings on the market, along with its recognizable name, ensure it is always one of the most popular orders for people that want a glass of wine.

top wines according to a sommelier

#4 Most Popular: Rosé

Rosé wine is no longer the rising star of the wine world -- it has fully risen, and seems to be here to stay. Unlike the other wines on this list, Rosé is not made from a specific type of grapes. Instead, it is produced like red wines but gets its color from the time it spends fermenting with grape skins. This is a lighter, sweet wine that can come with fruity flavors that run the gamut as a result of different grapes being used by different brands to produce the wine.

Why It Belongs in Your Bar

You will want Rosé in your bar because it is very popular and frequently desired. Rosé tends to be lighter in ABV than most other wines, so it’s easy to sell this by the bottle. It’s also the perfect summer drink as the light body and fruity flavors make drinking this wine satisfying when the weather is hot. Also, you will find that it is easy to sell this wine when you offer food in your bar or all by itself.


#5 Most Popular: Natural Wine

Natural wine is a trend that continues to gain ground in the US market. Although not a specific type of wine, natural wine denotes a category of winemaking. Natural wines are produced without sulfites or chemicals. Natural wines are generally organically produced, often with wild fermentation and no filtration.

Why It Belongs in Your Bar

Natural wine is at-home in any bar today. The trend continues to grow, and consumers today demand organic and natural options. There are a variety of natural wines that can suit your menu, from light Rosés to earthy, deep Pinot Noirs. The natural wine trend ticks a lot of boxes for consumers, and can provide your customers with something new they may not have tried before.


Finding the right wines for your bar can be a bit of a challenge. You have to understand the demographics of the people that are coming into your establishment before you get invested too heavily in any sort of wine. While some bars tend to host a lot of major celebrations and should have champagne on hand, that might not be as wise for a sports bar. All the wines we’ve named here should be popular in every bar, and they are good choices for a basic wine menu.

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